White Goods Criteria

White Goods and E-Waste Recycle Programs for Cranbury Residents Only

Cranbury Township offers a program to recycle *white goods and *e-waste items. Arrangements can be made for curbside pick-up ($10 fee per item) of these items by calling 609-664-3129.  Scheduled pick-ups are on the 2nd Wednesday each month.  Arrangement deadline is the Monday prior to the 2nd Wednesday.  You may also bring the items(s) to the DPW yard, 100 Dey Road, when the Recycle Shed is open.  The shed is open on the 1st Friday of the month unless it’s a legal holiday, then the shed is open the 2nd Friday of the month.  Hours of operation are 9am – 12pm. 

The Recycle Shed also collects fluorescent bulbs and EPS (expanded polystyrene-small white balls Styrofoam, compressed and formed to protect items when shipped).  The EPS must be white, clean-no tape, labels, or other markings.  These items are kept out of the landfill by being recycled.

*White goods and *e-waste are defined as, but not limited to, stoves/ovens/range tops, washers (dish and clothes), dryers, hot water tanks, refrigerators/freezers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, metal sinks, BBQ grills with gas tank, stereos, and CEDs (covered electronic devises as defined by the NJ State DEP) desktop or personal computers, computer monitor, portable computer, TVs sold to consumers, telephones with a video display area greater that 4” diagonally and fax/printers.

The Township hires a licensed and certified vendor to extract Freon gases from all applicable appliances.

Please refer to the RECYCLE SHED for more information on the e-cycle program.