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Notice of Electronic Township Committee Meetings During COVID-19 State of Emergency

Volunteer Application to serve on the Committees, Boards, and Commissions

The Township Committee is the governing body established by State law for the Township form of government. The membership of the Cranbury Township Committee was expanded from three to five in January 1990. The terms of the members are for three years, staggered, so that at least one member is up for election every year. The membership annually chooses one of the members as Mayor. The Mayor presides at the meetings and votes as a member of the Committee. All formal legislative and executive powers are exercised by the Committee as a whole.

Township Committee has allocated coordination of administrative and departmental functions amongst its members. Every Township board and department has at least one member of Committee as a liaison.

The Township form of government does not specify a chief administrative officer. Cranbury Township Committee established the position of Township Administrator by ordinance in 1990.

On April 26, 2010 the Township of Cranbury adopted a Civil Rights Resolution. In summary this resolution states that no official, employee, appointee or volunteer of the Township of Cranbury by whatever title known, or any entity that is in any way a part of the Township of Cranbury shall engage, either directly or indirectly in any act including the failure to act that constitutes discrimination, harassment or a violation of any person's constitutional rights while such official, employee, appointee, volunteer or entity is engaged in or acting on behalf of the Township of Cranbury business or using the facilities or property of the Township of Cranbury.

If an employee is witness to or believes to have experienced discrimination, harassment or a violation of constitutional rights then immediate notification of the supervisor or other appropriate person should take place.

The governing body is unequivocally committed to enforcing this Resolution by the procedures set forth in the Employee Personnel Manual under the Employee Complaint Policy.
Civil Rights Resolution

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of the month, starting at 7:00 p.m. Unless noticed otherwise, meetings are held in the Town Hall, Meeting Room, located at 23-A North Main Street in Cranbury.

Name & E-mail LinkRoleTerm Expiration

Michael J. Ferrante, Committee Member 12/31/21
Liaison to:  Library Board of Trustees, Police/Fire/First Aid/OEM, Scouts





Barbara F. Rogers, PhD, Committee Member 12/31/22
Liaison to:  Board of Health, Historical Society, Municipal Alliance, Shade Tree Commission

Deputy Mayor12/31/21

Matthew A. Scott
Liaison to:  Board of Education, Economic Development Advisory Committee/Business & Professional Association, Planning Board

Committee Member12/31/23

Evelyn Spann

Liaison to: DRC, Environmental Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment

Committee Member12/31/22

James Taylor

Liaison to: Parks Commission, Recreation Commission

Committee Member