Animal Control

The Animal Control Division is headed by Jerry Thorne who is a Certified Animal Control Officer. He has a special license and numerous years of experience and training on how to handle lost and injured animals. To report a lost, found, or stray animal contact the Cranbury Police Department at 609-395-0031. They will contact Animal Control for you.

The basic functions of Animal Control are as follows:

  • Pick up stray animals and return to owners if found
  • Pick up expired animals
  • Advice to residents on animal problems (i.e. bees)
  • Pick up of sick or injured animals
  • Coordinate with Health Department concerning rabid animals
  • Aid rabies clinics twice per year
  • Assist SAVE of Skillman, NJ regarding stray animals

Notice for Feeding Wildlife
Please note that placing food for wild animals outside your home attracts feral cats, raccoons, possums, skunks, rats and other undesirable pests. Since wild animals may be carriers of disease, it is the Township's goal to discourage their presence by prohibiting the feeding of them.