Clock Winding Committee

The Clock Winding committee consists of twelve members appointed by the Township Committee.  Duties include winding and maintenance of the tower clock in Town Hall.

Volunteer Application to serve on the Committees, Boards, and Commissions

NameRoleTerm Expiration
Paul MullenChairman12/31/21
Daniel HarshbargerMember12/31/21
Guangliang HeMember12/31/21
Edward F. Durner, Jr.Member12/31/21
Gregory PulzMember12/31/21
William KanawyerMember12/31/21
Rob McMahonMember12/31/21
Sharon PulzMember12/31/21
Robert RogersMember12/31/21
Omar Mobin-UddinMember12/31/21
Robert ZurfluhMember12/31/21
Lisa BeachMember12/31/21