Leaf Collection Criteria

Curbside leaf collection commences twice a year. Spring leaf collection usually begins the first full week in April and ends the last week. Fall leaf collection usually begins mid-October. The final week of collection is the last full week in December. Leaves must be at the curb by Monday 7am for collection this week. Once your leaf pile has been collected by the DPW, do not replenish it.

Please rake leaves between the sidewalk and curb. Take notice and care not to pile them within 10 feet of all storm drains. The hard working DPW crew will collect the leaves barring inclement weather or machinery malfunctions. The leaf machine vacuums only leaves. Keep leaves separate from branches, vines, dead shrubbery, grass clippings or other vegetative debris. DO NOT place Rocks and bricks within any piles for collection, they will cause machinery breakdowns or possible personnel injury. Bagged leaves will not be collected. Windy weather? Feel free to tarp the leaf piles.

Leaf Collection Schedule: (Spring and Autumn)

North Main Street
From Rt.130 to
Plainsboro Road
Petty Road
Prospect Street
Bunker Hill
Cranbury Neck Road
Symmes Court
Wynnewood Section
John White Road
Ancil Davison Road
Cubberly Court
Shady Brook Lane
Old Trenton Road
Shadow Oaks Community
Old Cranbury Road

South Main Street
North from the Rte.130 to Danser Drive to
Cranbury Green Community
Station Road
Stockton Drive
Evans Tract
Maplewood Avenue
Bennett Court
Park Place
Westminster Place
Wesley Place
Scott Avenue
Cranbury Estates
Cranbury Walk

Should you notice that the DPW just collected your leaf pile, no rush to get more leaves at the curb. The above route usually takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. This takes into account inclement weather, the amount of leaves at the curbside, personnel and machinery. Residents not living on the above streets and require leaf collection, call 395-0900 ext. *243 to arrange for pick-up. Leave your name, address, and state you need leaf collection.

Special requests to have the DPW come to your address for leaf collection are not taken.