Stormwater Management

The Township of Cranbury is committed to implementing stormwater management practices that promote clean waterways and healthy watersheds. 

Effective stormwater management will:

  • Recharge our local groundwater aquifers
  • Reduce erosion and scour of stream banks
  • Protect wetlands and aquatic ecosystems
  • Reduce downstream flooding 
  • Reduce pollution and sedimentation of our streams

The information provided on this page documents elements of the Township’s municipal stormwater program, and includes measures that can be taken by residents to promote effective stormwater management.

Municipal Stormwater Management Ordinances:
Stormwater Control Ordinance 
Pet Waste Ordinance 
Wildlife Feeding Ordinance 
Litter Control Ordinance 
Improper Disposal of Waste 
Yard Waste Collection Program 
Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting 
Illicit Connection Ordinance

2023 Tier A MS4 Permit

Clean Water New Jersey

New Jersey Green Infrastructure Resources

New Jersey Stormwater Management Rule

Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Private Stormwater Facilities Education

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