Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I do with my grass clippings?
 Lawn experts at Rutgers University recommend cutting the grass and leaving it on the lawn. Another use is to put the clippings on the soil around plantings to reduce weed growth, moderate soil temperature and conserve moisture.

Q. I think there is a wild animal living under my shed! Who do I call?
A. Call the Cranbury Township Animal Control Division. They may be reached through the Police Department at 395-0031.

Q. When can I put my branches at the curb for the chipping service?
A. The chipping of branches and brush occurs on the third Wednesday each month. Residents can place the items curbside for the chipping service the weekend prior.

Q. When are leaves collected?
A. Leaves are collected in the spring and fall. The spring leaf collection usually occurs during the entire month of April. The fall leaf schedule usually begins near the end of October and is a continual process up until December 30th. During the last and final week of both schedules, when your curbside leaf piles have been collected by the DPW, it is requested that you do not replenish it.

Q. Why can’t I place my leaves near the storm drains?
A. The storm drains on the streets play an important role. They help channel rain water from the streets into our streams and waterways. It is vital that the storm drains be clear of leaves and debris. If you have a storm drain near your property, take a few moments to clear away any collected debris that may impede the flow of storm water.