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March 20, 2020 -COVID-19 A Personal Message from Your Police Chief

I hope this message finds you all well.  I want to reach out and share with you my personal thoughts about our community during this health crisis.  My career in law enforcement has spanned over thirty-two years.  Twenty-nine of those years I have spent here with the Cranbury Township Police Department where I have served as your Police Chief and OEM Coordinator for the last 10 years.  During my tenure as Chief, our community has faced many difficulties.  We have waded through the flood waters of Irene, the power disruption, devastation and unrest of Sandy, and the life-threatening Ebola outbreak of 2014 to name a few.  Prior to that, we together endured the anger, frustration and heartbreak of 9-11, the fear of the random Anthrax attacks, and the pandemic of the H1N1 virus.  Through all these difficulties, I have seen nothing but the very best from our residents and our community.

We now again find ourselves in a difficult time.  Some may say, one of our most difficult moments.  However, with all due respect, I disagree.  In fact, I believe this will be our finest hour.  I have seen our community pull together during such times like no other.  Neighborhoods becoming friends and friends becoming a community of family.  We have worked with our community leaders, first responders, churches/houses of worship, volunteers and most importantly with our neighbors to achieve our common goals.

As this first weekend under NJ State Executive Order No. 104 is now upon us, we find our routines and daily lifestyle disrupted.  Our plans with loved ones and friends have been postponed or cancelled, we cannot dine out and patronize our favorite restaurants, attend movies, concerts, go to malls or enjoy many of our weekend activities.  Now, I know that we are not happy with these current restrictions and we may not always agree on the chosen means to an end, and quite frankly, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  After all, knowledge and objectivity lie at the very heart of our cause.  But when that path to our goal is chosen, we have proven time again, that we pull together, and in the end, we overcome.

I want you to know that your Township Committee Members and Municipal Officials have been hard at work and attentive to this ongoing crisis.  We are well prepared to keep your government functioning and there for you.  However, as in the past, we need our resident’s strength, determination and compassion to lead the way.  So, I simply ask that each and every one of us take ownership in our cause.  Practice common sense hygiene and safe social distancing, avoid social gatherings, educate our children and lead by example to keep them healthy and safe, self-quarantine if and when required, we all know the routine by now.  However, most importantly, I would ask that we take the time to check on our elderly neighbors and those we know with medical issues that may be at a heightened risk.  Place a daily phone call to them or by practicing safe distancing knock on their door.  Ask if they have any needs prior to making your trip to the market or pharmacy.  Take a moment to assess their well-being.  And please, report any issues or concerns to the Cranbury Township Police Department at 609 395-0031 or dial 911 for any immediate emergencies.  Also, for all Township information, please sign up at www.cranburytownship.org/subscribe we will be updating you as needed.

I want to thank you all for your past and future support of our community, “our family”.  Until I see you again out and about the streets and establishments of Cranbury, stay healthy, remain safe and remember, together “this will be our finest hour!”

Rickey A. Varga, Chief of Police


Quarterly Internal Affairs Summarization Report:

Complaints Received for the 1st Quarter 2020:                            0

Disposition of Received Complaints for the 1st Quarter 2020:     n/a