Organizational Chart

Rank and Officer's Name

Chief Michael J. Owens 
Lieutenant Giuseppe DeChiara  
Lieutenant Ryan Dworzanski
Detective Sergeant Gregory Pfremmer
Sergeant Douglas Mayer
Sergeant Matthew Schneider
Sergeant Jeffrey Rapach
Sergeant Kenneth Pace
Detective Raymond Wetzel                            
Officer Paul Lindenfeld
Officer Michael Cipriano
Officer Jeffrey Morley
Officer Todd Galla
Officer Kaitlin Walling-Gant
Officer John Glennon
Officer Nicholas Rodrigues
Officer Christopher Lopez
Officer Tyler Widitz
Officer Eduardo Gutierrez 

Lauren Grogan, Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police

In addition to 19 sworn officers and one Administrative Assistant, the Department employs ten school crossing guards.

Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Team:
The Chief of Police has two Lieutenants, an Administrative Commander and Operations Commander, that assist him with handling the day-to-day operations of the Department. The responsibilities of each of the Lieutenants are specific and varied between them consisting of such duties as operating and capital budgets, long and short term planning, maintaining standard operating procedures, developing rules and regulations, internal affairs investigations, hiring new personnel, training, implementing the polices of the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, maintaining records, scheduling, evidence and equipment, computer audits, providing the Cranbury Township Council with crime trend updates, maintaining a counter terrorism plan, and all the duties of a patrol officer.

Duties and Responsibilities

Detective Bureau:

The Detective Bureau was started in 2004. Currently, a Detective Sergeant and one detective is assigned to the Detective Bureau. The Detective Sergeant is the superviser of the Detective Bureau and reports directly to the Operations Commander. The Detective Sergeant has specialized duties and assignments such as maintaining control over property and evidence, overseeing investigations, Middlesex County SORT member, Active Shooter Training Instructor and Department Range Master to name a few. The Detective Bureau is responsible for investigating all crimes which occur within our jurisdiction.The Detective Sergeant and Detective are trained in forensics ( latent fingerprints, DNA etc.), interviewing and interrogation, photography and specialized training that further investigates offences of burglary, theft, sexual offenses, cyber, bias, environmental, and juvenile crimes. The detective also participates in regional criminal intelligence meetings, completes background checks on department applicants and conducts surveillance operations.

Patrol Sergeants and Officers:

Patrol Sergeants are the respective supervisors over each of their squads. They must review every report submitted by one of their officers. The Traffic Sergeant is the Traffic Safety Cooridinator and has extensive training and expertise in this field. He oversees all traffic related matters such as traffic control for road construction projects, creating and implementing traffic and pedestrian safety programs, and reviewing and approving all motor vehicle crash reports. Officers are responsible for criminal arrests, patrolling residential streets, traffic control and enforcement, motor vehicle crash investigation, investigating citizens complaints, investigating incidents involving juveniles, enforcing Township Ordinances including breach of peace violations, participating in community policing events, attending mandatory training courses, equipment maintenance and report writing. Officers are responsible for over one hundred (100) specific duties and many more that are too numerous to list.

Besides their basic patrol duties, patrol officers are encouraged to find an area of interest and to develop skills in that field. Our patrol officers have received training in the following areas with some specializing in others:

Traffic crash reconstruction
Radar instruction
Bias crime investigation
C.P.R. instructor training
A.E.D. (defibrillator) instructor training
Firearms training
Domestic violence investigation
Sex crimes investigation
Crime scene processing
Arrest, search and seizure
Uniform crime reports
Street survival
Radiological emergencies
Incident command
Firearms instructor training
Counter terrorism
Emergency management

The world is an ever changing place. The duties of all police officers change on a regular basis. Terrorism, gangs and cyber crimes are only a few of the latest encounters thrust upon your local police officers.