Township Historian

Audrey Smith

In 1979 the New Jersey State Legislature enacted the Local Historians Enabling Act (P.L. 1979, c.50), which permits counties and municipalities to establish the position of Local Historian. The New Jersey Historical Commission may advise the Local Historians of “general guidelines along which their historical programs may be implemented.” In addition, it was stipulated that the Local Historian should establish a close working relationship with an existing local historical society.

Cranbury’s Township Historian endeavors to:

  • acquire the broadest possible knowledge and competence respecting the history of Cranbury, and the activities of organizations and institutions in that field;
  • serve as a clearinghouse of information and cooperative programs for agencies in its province engaged in local historical activities;
  • cooperate with appropriate local agencies in making surveys of local historical resources, with a view to identification of such resources, improvement of their condition, and dissemination of information about them. These should include historic sites and structures, library and museum materials, archives, cemeteries and monuments.
  • undertake, assist and coordinate projects for research, writing and publication of the history of Cranbury; and
  • assist in the preparation of grant applications for financial assistance available to historical agencies, and to act as an advisor for the appropriation of public funds by the municipality for historical programs.