Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:† 02-22-07


Attendance:† Beth Veghte, Rich Grubb, Ken Jacobs, Ed Sekelsky, Bob OíMeara, Mario Fiorentini and Rose Siconolfi


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.




1.† Recreation Master Plan

Beth reported that the plan is complete and al l the member will get a copy.


2.† Seniors Exercise Program

The committee added money for the senior programs; they moved money from other programs.† Ken will get an updated copy of the budget.


3.† Senior Programs

Beth reported that no one had signed up for the dance class.† Tia Chi had 13 people interested in another session.


4.† 2007 Concerts

Ken will start working on setting the schedule for this summerís series.


5.† Budgets

Ken to get a new updated budget.


6.† Field Usage

The commission reviewed the Priority List for the final time.† Ken will need to send it the all the organization the use our fields.


7.† Hoops

Beth reported that there are two weeks left.† She would like to get someone with basketball knowledge to do the program next year.





1.† Other

Kevin OíConnell would like to help with TBall this year.† Kevin would like the commission to add another night and be more competitive.† Kevin also stated that he heard from other parents that Beth wasnít any fun.† Ken will call a Yoga instructor and set something up.† Ken will also have the park permits and camp forms added to the web.† Matt Chester and Adam Lawrence are high school volunteers for Hoops.† Beth would like to give $250.00 to both of them as a thank you from the commission.


2. Golden Agers

Rose reported that they had a lunch at the Prestige and 50 people attended.


3.† Senior Fellowship

Next meeting.


4.† Park Update

Next meeting.


5.† UK Elite

Next meeting


6.† Summer Camp

Ken will be working on returning staff and will get a letter to the school for use of classrooms.


The meeting adjourned.


The next meeting is dinner on March 22, 2007.†


Respectfully submitted,



Michele Harcher

Recording Secretary