Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  04-27-06


Attendance:  Beth Veghte, Ken Jacobs, Bob O’Meara, Michele Harcher, Richard Grubb, Mario and Chris Fiorentini, Rose Siconolfi and Edith Dlugokencki


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.




1.  Battle of the Bands

Chris brought samples of posters and handouts that he made for the event.  Everyone loved them.  Michele was asked to have them printed and have the registration form posted on the web.  Beth asked Ken to find out who won the West Windsor Battle of the Bands so we can invite them to ours.  Beth suggested that she and Chris should go and look at a trophy.  Beth also suggested that we do a program once we know who is going to participate.


2.  Needs Assessment

Beth would like to have a separate meeting for this.  Wayne would like to meet with Beth sometime soon.


3.  Policy: Field Closing & Maintenance

Bob stated that he and Rich closed the fields over the weekend due to the weather.  Everything went well. Beth asked Rich and Bob to put together a schedule so the weekends are covered. Beth called Tom to have another portion of Millstone field fenced in.


4.  Field Use/Priority

Next meeting.


5.  Millstone Fields

Nothing new to report.


6.  Additional practice fields

Beth thinks we will be fine in the fall if we do not seed anymore. 




1.  Movie Mogul

Mark gave his presentation.  He has being dealing with other townships over the past 5 years.  Beth would like to have a movie for the Camp Out.  The costs are very expensive.  Wayne thinks we need to get sponsors to help with the costs.  Beth said that we need to do a much better job at advertising.


2.  Film Club

Next meeting.


3.  Rich Grubb – Possible Fields across Rt. 130

Next meeting.


4.  Tennis

Beth would like to do have a Tennis Round Robin.  Ken has left a message for his contact and he has not heard back from him yet.  Ken will call again. 


5.  Golden Agers

Rose told us that Plainsboro is full.  They can not accept any more people because there facility could not hold any more people.  Rose and Edith stated that they have 70 paid members. Rose stated that the members meet once a month at the school and everyone brings a dish.  The club has sponsors that donate the main dishes for there meetings.  The money that Recreation gives them pays for the bus for there trips.  Beth stated that any senior can go to East Windsor for a meal, once she receives all the information she will have it posted on the web.  Beth will also get more information about Meals on Wheels and have that posted on the web also.  Beth asked what they have planned for the summer.  Rose stated they will be having a picnic.


6.  Senior Fellowship

Rose stated they went on a trip, 16 people went.  Rose stated the fellowship gets additional money from the parishioners. Rose said that Judith (exercise instructor) does not have a problem with the township paying her for the exercise classes.  Wayne said he had no problem with us paying her as long as she registers with the state.  Beth asked Rose to check with Judith about insurance.  Beth will get everything worked out for us to pay her.


7.  Barn Park

There will be fundraising for the barn park to help with the funds that are needed to rehab them.    Wayne reported that someone will be looking into emergency grants for the potato barn.  The lions club will be raising funds for the Carriage barn.


8.  Other

Nothing to report.


The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for May 25, 2006. 


Respectfully submitted,



Michele Harcher

Recording Secretary