Planning Board

Josette C. Kratz, Land Use Administrator
Direct Dial: (609) 664-3122
Fax: (609) 644-3146

Monday to Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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The Planning Board is established pursuant to N.J.S.A. 50:55D-25. The areas of responsibility for the Board include developing and adopting a Master Plan for the physical development of the Township. It also administers state and local land use laws. The Planning Board also reviews and approves conditional use and planned development applications.

The Board is made up of nine regular members (with terms varying from one to four years). The Class I member is traditionally the Mayor (the Mayor can appointment his/her replacement) and the Class III member is another member of the Township Committee. The Class III is appointed by resolution of the Township Committee. The Mayor appoints all other members.

Unless otherwise noticed, the Planning Board meets in the Meeting Room, Town Hall, at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month unless otherwise noted.

Planning Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expiration
Matthew A. Scott, Mayor DesigneeClass IExpires:
Judson HamlinClass IV - 4 Year Term
(DRC Rep)
Expires: 12/31/22
Peter Mavoides, Chairperson 2019Class IV - 4 Year TermExpires: 12/31/22
Glenn JohnsonClass I - 1 Year TermExpires: 12/31/19
Evelyn SpannClass III - 1 Year Term
(TC Rep)
Expires: 12/31/20
James GallagherClass II - 3 Year Term
(EC Rep)
Expires: 12/31/20
Karen CallahanClass IV - 3 Year Term
(BOE Rep)
Expires: 12/31/22
Michael Kaiser, Vice-Chairperson 2019Class IV - 4 Year TermExpires: 12/31/21
Jason StewartClass IV - 4 Year TermExpires: 12/31/20
Wayne WittmanClass IV - 4 Year TermExpires: 12/31/22

Staff and Professionals

NameTitleTerm Expiration
Josette C. Kratz
Township of Cranbury
Land Use Administrator
Planning Board Secretary
Expires: 12/31/20
Trishka Waterbury Cecil, Esq
Mason, Griffin, Pierson, PC
Board AttorneyExpires: 12/31/20
Richard Preiss, PP
Philips, Preiss, Grygiel
Board PlannerExpires: 12/31/20
David Hoder, PE, PP, CME, CPWM
Hoder Associates
Board EngineerExpires: 12/31/20
Andrew Feranda, P.E., PTOS, CME
Shropshire Associates, LLC
Board Traffic ConsultantExpires: 12/31/20
Janice E. Talley, PP, AICPConflict Board PlannerExpires: 12/31/20
Glenn Gerken, PE
T & M Associates
Conflict Board EngineerExpires: 12/31/20