Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Parks Commission
Cranbury Parks List

Parks Summary

BARN PARK - Barn Park is located along the south side of Cranbury Neck Road, just west of its intersection with South Main Street.

HAGERTY PROPERTY - The Hagerty property is located along the western side of Old Cranbury Road north of the Millstone River and the border with East Windsor Township

REINHARDT PRESERVE - The Reinhardt Preserve is located along and to the north of Plainsboro Road, west of the Village, about one half mile from the Plainsboro border.

SHADOW OAKS STREAM CORRIDOR - The Shadow Oaks stream corridor is located along and north of the Millstone River and south of Old Trenton Road, behind the homes on Washington Drive.

WEST PROPERTY SOCCER FIELDS - The soccer fields are located adjacent to and west of Cranbury School, which is located along North Main Street.

VILLAGE PARK – (Maplewood Avenue & Memorial Drive) A scenic, active recreational park located on Brainerd Lake. Features ball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, major playground structures, pavilion, gazebo, picnic areas and grill facilities. Small boat dock facility with access to Brainerd Lake.

MILLSTONE PARK – (Old Trenton Road) An active recreation park featuring play structures, ball field, soccer field and picnic grove area (no grill facilities).

HERITAGE PARK – (South Main Street & Old Trenton Road Extension) An alternative recreational park. Walking, jogging and biking pathway system, multi-use playground structure, a Tercentennial fountain area and large, open, green spaces for individuals to enjoy kite flying, Frisbee and small group activity fun.

MEMORIAL PARK and BRAINERD DAM – (South Main Street) Small, serene park area facing Brainerd Lake, with tended flower beds. Cranbury Memorial Veterans Monument honoring the service men and women from WWI through Vietnam. Benches and seating areas. Historical markers at sight of Old Grist Mill.

UNAMI WOODS and CRANBURY BROOK PRESERVE SOUTH – (Wynnewood Drive) Three acres of a wooded, natural preserve. This preserve also borders an area of the Cranbury Brook Preserve and is a habitat to a large variety of birds, small animals and deer. Some foot path trails exist into and through the woods, but it is intentionally left rugged and untended. Walking access for Unami Woods can be reached from the pump house road. Due to its natural state and rugged nature, residents should not hike Unami Woods alone and should wear protective clothing to guard against scratches and ticks. No camping, fires or dumping is permitted.

CRANBURY BROOK PRESERVE – (South Main Street) Natural areas along the Cranbury Brook have been set aside for passive recreation and the preservation of natural lands in the heart of Cranbury. The preserve is to be used for walking, jogging, bird watching, fishing and the enjoyment of nature. The preserve is closed to motorized vehicles. Animals must be leashed. No picnicking, camping or fires are allowed (except by permit). Visitors are asked to respect the animals and natural habitat. Access is through the driveway leading to the Cranbury School soccer fields from South Main Street, across from Brainerd Lake. The preserve entrance is on the left of the driveway.