Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

2016 Spring Cleanup Weekend

Cleanup weekend is scheduled to take place on May 14th and 15th.  Note that this is the 2nd weekend after the annual town wide garage sale on April 30th (rain date May 1st).  Cleanup weekend hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm, both days, and this is a rain or shine event.  This is the opportunity for you to bring large bulky items, which are not normally accepted by your trash hauler, to the DPW Yard located at 100 Dey Road.  
Acceptable items include but are not limited to scrap metal, tires, tree limbs, stumps, propane tanks, and large bulky household items that your trash hauler would not collect during normal trash pick-ups.    The DPW crew will be available both days to help unload your vehicle of any bulky or heavy items.  

Clean up weekend is open to Cranbury residents only.  The DPW crew will be checking for proof of residency, so please, arrive prepared.  

Unacceptable items include Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), paint, animal carcasses, *Covered Electronic Devices (CED) e-waste, and household trash.  Do not be sneaky and leave HHW products at the DPW yard for the crew to find.  These items must be properly handled and disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.  Middlesex County Division of Solid Waste offers a HHW drop off program and a paint drop off program for proper disposal or recycling.  For more information on any of these free programs, please refer to the Cranbury Township web page for scheduled dates, locations and times Click on the appropriate program.  Due to the high cost of this cleanup service, residents should not expect to dispose of large quantities of construction debris. 

If you have an item that you might be uncertain is acceptable, please call 395-0900 ext.*229.

*Covered Electronic Devices (CED) include desktop or personal computers, computer monitors, portable computers, and TVs sold to consumers.