Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Environmental Commission 2014 Goals

            The following goals have been established for the Cranbury Township Environmental Commission for 2014.

Environmental Resource Inventory – The EC will continue to promote the use of the ERI to help ensure that all development is undertaken with sensitivity toward promoting a clean natural environment.  An update of the content and maps of the ERI will begin this year.  We are pursuing a grant from Sustainable Jersey to support the update.

Management Plans – The EC will continue to develop a Preserve Management Plan for the Reinhardt Forest Preserve, including the removal of trash, the installation of signage and completion of a parking area.  A natural trail will be completed, and the trail will be officially opened at a grand opening celebration in spring. 

The EC will continue to eradicate invasive species in the Cranbury Brook Preserve, as well as plant wildfowers in the grasslands, and promote the growth of native species in all of the Preserves.

Dam Repair – The EC will advise when appropriate on the ongoing repair of the Brainerd Lake dam on Main Street.

Alfred Meiss Environmental Appreciation Award – The EC will sponsor the fifth annual award for Cranbury School 8th grade students.

Sustainable Jersey – The EC will work toward achieving additional points for this program.  Slated for this year is a township Easement Inventory and outreach activities, specifically “Walk and Talk” at the Cranbury Public Library.  Also community education outreach and bringing Sustainable Jersey into the school for the students to learn.

NJ Invasive Species Strike Team – The EC will continue membership and work with interns to identify and eradicate invasive species on township properties.

Regulatory Activities – The EC will comment on proposed legislation that affects the environment, as appropriate.

Household Environmental Activities  - The EC will promote household environmental activities as follows:

  • Use of rain barrels.
  • Use of rain gardens.
  • Proper use of fertilizers.
  • Use of native species.
  • Composting.
  • Use of grass clippings.
  • Household energy conservation.

Educational Activities – The EC will promote educational activities as follows:

  • Place documents and articles on the Township’s website.
  • Host a Cranbury Day booth with activities for visitors.
  • Place articles about EC activities in each of the Township’s newsletters.
  • Promote green building and sustainability as contained in the Master Plan.
  • Raise awareness of climate change, green energy and green building design.
  • Promote the Preserve as an educational tool.
  • Continue to participate in the annual SBW “Stream Clean-Up”.

Applications – Applications for development will be reviewed, and comments submitted to the Planning Board and Zoning Board, as appropriate.