Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Development Review Committee


The Development Review Committee was established in 1985 to serve in an advisory capacity for the Planning and Zoning Boards.  The Committee reviews all development applications.

The Development Review Committee shall consist of five members. The appointees shall be two members from the Planning Board (one of whom may be the Mayor) to be appointed by the Chairperson, one member from the Zoning Board of Adjustment to be appointed by the Board of Adjustment, the Township Planner and the Township Engineer. The terms are for one year, which are computed from January 1st of the appointing year.

Unless noticed otherwise, the Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month in Town Hall, Planning Board Office starting at 5:00 p.m.


Development Review Committee Members

David J Hoder, PE, PP, CPWM, CME
Hoder Associates
548 Ridge Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704
Phone: 732-241-4543
Fax: 732-530-5358

Board Engineer

Richard Preiss, Planner
Phillips Preiss Grygiel, Inc.
33-41 Newark Street
Third Floor, Suite D
Hoboken, NJ  07030
Phone: (201) 420-6262
Fax: (201) 420-6222
Board Planner 12/31/17
Art Hasselbach Planning Board Representative 12/31/17
Glenn R. Johnson Planning Board Representative 12/31/17
Paul Mullen Environmental Commission Representative 12/31/17
Sean Deverin Zoning Board Representative 12/31/17