Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey


I need information about... Responsible Department Telephone
Accident Reports Police 609-395-0031
Additions (new) Zoning/Construction Code Dept. Ext. *232
Additions - Inspections Construction Dept. *221/*232
Animal Service (dead or stray) Animal Control 609-395-0031
Apartment Registration Township Clerk Ext. *234
Appliance Pick-up Public Works Ext. *222
Birth Certificates Deputy Registrar Ext. *231
Block and Lot Tax Assessor Ext. *235/*239
Building Plan Copies Construction Dept. Ext. *232
Building Permits Construction Dept. Ext. *232
Capital Improvements Engineer Ext. *224
Cat Licenses Deputy Clerk Ext. *231
Certificate of Continued Occupancy Fire Official Ext. *238
Complaints - Residents Township Administrator Ext. *227
Condo Associations Township Clerk Ext. *234
Death Certificates Deputy Registrar Ext. *231
Decks (new) Zoning/Construction Code Dept. Ext. *232
Decks - Inspections Construction Dept. Ext. *232
Deed Inquiries Tax Assessor Ext. *235/*239
Demolitions Zoning/Construction Code Dept. Ext. *232
Development Application Questions Planning Ext. *221
Dog Licenses Deputy Clerk Ext. *231
Driveways Zoning/Construction Code Dept. Ext. *232
Elections Township Clerk Ext. *234
Environmental Concerns Environmental Commission 609-395-9931
Fences Zoning/Construction Code Dept. Ext. *232
Fire District Information Fire Official Ext. *238
Flood Zones - Maps   Ext. *221
Health Emergency Health Officer 732 745 3100
Homestead Rebates Tax Assessor Ext. *235/*239
Housing Associates Piazza Associates 609-786-1100
Hydrant - Flow Test Fire Official Ext. *238
Library   609-655-0555
Limousine Certificates  Township Clerk Ext. *234
Marriage Licenses Deputy Registrar Ext. *231
Meeting Room Reservation Township Clerk Ext. *234
Noise Complaints Police 609-395-0031
Ordinances Township Clerk Ext. *234
Parks Public Works/Recreation Ext. *222/*231
Park Maintenance Public Works Ext. *222
Park Programs Registration and Information Recreation Ext. *231/*302
Perc Tests (Permeability test) Health Department Ext. *237
Pet Adoption Animal Control 609-395-0031
Pool (new) Zoning/Construction Code Dept. Ext. *232
Pool - Inspections Construction Dept. Ext. *232
Public Health Nuisance Health Department Ext. *237
Public Pools Health Department Ext. *237
Roadway Improvements Public Works Ext. *222
School Information School Board 609-395-1700
Senior Citizen Taxes Tax Assessor Ext. *235/*239
Septic System (abandonment) Health Department Ext. *237
Sewer Availability Public Works Ext. *222 or *229
Sewage Bills Sewer Clerk Ext. *228
Sheds Zoning/Construction Code Dept. Ext. *221/*232
Sidewalk Maintenance Engineer
Property owner is responsible for sidewalk maintenance
Site Plan Copies Planning Ext. *221
Smoke Detectors - Resale or Lease Fire Official Ext. *238
Snow Removal Public Works Ext. *222
Snow not Removed from Sidewalks Police 609-395-0031
Social Services Human Services Board 609-799-0909 ext. 218
Soil Disturbance Approvals Planning Ext. *221
Soil Importation Approvals Planning Ext. *221
Soil Removal Approvals Planning Ext. *221
Street Maps Township Clerk Ext. *234
Street Openings (including curbs & sidewalks) Public Works Ext. *222
Subdivision Applications Zoning/Planning Ext. *221
Surveys - Copy Construction Dept. Ext. *232
Survey - Property Township does not perform surveys
Survey - General Questions Engineer Ext. *224
Tanks (fuel oil) - Installation Construction Dept. Ext. *232
Tanks (fuel oil) - Removal Construction Dept. Ext. *232
Tax Bills Tax Collector Ext. *233
Tax Map - Copies- To Purchase Tax Collector Ext. *233
Taxi Licences Township Clerk Ext. *234
Tree Removal on Township Property Public Works Ext. *222
Tree Removal Permits Engineer Ext. *224
Veteran Taxes Tax Assessor Ext. *235/*239
Voter Registration Township Clerk Ext. *234
Water Availability American Water
Water - Billing & Meter Readings American Water
Water - Fluoride, Leaks, Dirty Water, New Meter American Water
Wells - Installation Health Department Ext. *237
Wells - Abandoned Health Department Ext. *237
Wetlands Map Zoning/Planning Ext. *221
Zone Maps - To Purchase Township Clerk Ext. *234
Zoning Board Applications Zoning Ext. *221