DECEMBER 17, 2007

The regular meeting of the Township Committee of the Township of Cranbury was held at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room. Answering present to the roll call were: Township Committee members:  Thomas F. Panconi, Jr., Richard Stannard, Pari Stave, Wayne Wittman and Mayor David J. Stout.  Also present was: Trishka Waterbury, Esquire, Attorney, Christine Smeltzer, Administrator and Kathleen R. Cunningham, Clerk.  Mayor Stout led in the salute to the flag and Ms. Cunningham gave the following Open Public Meetings Act statement:


In accordance with Section 5 of the Open Public Meetings Act, it is hereby announced and shall be entered into the minutes of this meeting that adequate notice of this meeting has been provided:


(1)                 Posted on December 1, 2006 on the Bulletin Board of the Municipal

Office at 23-A North Main Street, Cranbury, New Jersey and remains posted at that location.


(2)                 Communicated to the Cranbury Press, Home News Tribune and Trenton Times on December 1, 2006.


(3)                 Was filed on December 1, 2006 with a Deputy Municipal Clerk at the Cranbury Municipal Office, 23-A North Main Street, Cranbury, New Jersey and remains on file for public inspection, and


(4)                 Sent to those individuals who have requested personal notice.


Reports and Communications


           Mayor Stout reminded everyone, the weather is now getting colder and residents should consider, if they do not have one, purchasing a carbon monoxide detector. Mayor Stout reported everyone should have received from Ms. Smeltzer, Township Administrator, a set of evaluation forms for the Township Professionals.  Ms. Smeltzer needs them returned to her no later than the 20th of December.  Mayor Stout thanked everyone who worked on the Holiday Party held last week at Forsgate and indicated a good time was had by all.  Mayor Stout reported he had met on Friday, December 14, 2007 with Seth Lindenfeld and his wife, Lisa. They are both with the U.S. Department of State and stationed in Baghdad.  In addition, The Cranbury Press had written an article which was in the December 14th issue.  Mayor Stout stated their perspective was very interesting, relative to what we hear and read elsewhere.  Mayor Stout stated he had received a copy of a Notice of Violation from the State D.E.P. which had been issued to Middlesex County Dept. of Public Works for work they had performed on The Cranbury Brook at Brainerd Lake.  The County neglected to obtain a required permit before performing the work.  The County will have to work with the State D.E.P. to make the job compliant with D.E.P. regulations.   Mayor Stout reported that everyone had received a copy of a notice concerning the New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s desire to install a truck stop adjacent to the Molly Pitcher Rest Stop on the southbound lane of the New Jersey Turnpike in Cranbury Township.  He stated the Township will need to monitor the item carefully.  Mayor Stout reported he had reviewed the Township Committee’s goals for 2007 and stated the Township Committee had met quite a few of its goals:  To control spending appreciating the influence of the revaluation process.  He stated the Township would need to do the same for 2008 due to the new 4% levy cap which had been recently put into place by the State.  Mayor Stout indicated he had asked Ms. Smeltzer, Township Administrator and Ms. Marabello, Chief Financial Officer, to give a presentation at the first Work Session Township Committee Meeting in 2008.  Another goal had been to provide a safe and secure community; Mayor Stout reported the Township had hired two (2) new Police Officers.  Transparency in decision making:  Mayor Stout stated this issue is very important to him and the Township must commit to improve and finds ways to make sure the public has the information they need.  This would allow the public to help make decisions on spending their money.  Mayor Stout noted the Township’s website has been very helpful in



Reports and Communications (Continued)

      --Mayor (cont’d)


getting information out to the residents.  Another goal had been to hire a new Township Administrator dedicated to customer service; Mayor Stout expressed the Township’s thanks

to Christine Smeltzer, Township Administrator. Making Township roads safer--the Township had engaged the County in helping to make Old Trenton Road safer for its residents.  Mayor Stout reported the requested design improvements for Old Trenton Road for the County had been completed and hopefully 2008 will be the implementation of the design.  Implemented elements of the Recreation Master Plan--used grant monies obtained from Middlesex County to open the new Senior Center. The design and plan for a Village Green area and Babe Ruth Baseball Field was completed with a lot of help from a lot of people.  Another accomplishment had been the sale of the Barclay Farm. Regarding Affordable Housing:  The Township acquired the Route 130-D site and constructed homes on Old Cranbury Road. Reviewed parking issues –Mayor Stout indicated this issue would be further discussed in 2008.  Mayor Stout stated other goals which the Township will be addressing in 2008 are the Township’s Budget Process; maintaining its transparency and also the discussion of benefits and salary guidelines for its Professionals and Staff and opportunities to consolidate services.


--Members of Committee

         Mr. Panconi reported he had met on Sunday with members of the Fire Company: In November they had responded to 18 calls; 11 calls between 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., seven (7) calls between 6:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. and seven (7) of those calls were between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  Preferred Realty, 259 Prospect Plains Road, had Four (4) false alarms.  Mr. Panconi referenced in the Township Administrator’s Friday memo, she had indicated the Township’s Fire Official had fined Preferred Realty, $1,000.00 due to continuous false alarms.  Mr. Panconi added, 322 Half Acre Road, had pavers using the fire hydrant which is prohibited.  Mr. Panconi stated Cranbury is very fortunate to have a volunteer Fire Company and would like to continue with a volunteer Fire Company.  Mr. Panconi explained every time a false alarm goes off, the volunteers have to leave their place of businesses to answer the unnecessary calls.  Mr. Panconi reported there are some issues with some heaters at the Fire House; six (6) heaters are in the Engine Room and three (3) having gone bad.  Mr. Smith, President, has given a proposal to have them replaced with radiant heaters which are 30% more energy efficient, to the Township Administrator.  There are two Township Public Works employees who are on the Fire Company and they are working out well. 


Agenda Additions/Changes

       Ms. Cunningham, Clerk, stated under Item 10. “Reports from Township Professionals and Staff”, she would be reporting on the Confidential document she had passed out to each Township Committee member. 


Regular Committee Minutes for December 10, 2007

         On motion by Mr. Stannard, seconded by Mr. Wittman and unanimously carried (with Ms. Stave abstaining), the Regular Committee Minutes of December 10, 2007 were adopted.


Work Session

a.       Monthly Report by Police Chief Jay Hansen

Police Chief Jay Hansen presented the Police Department’s monthly report for November to the Township Committee members.  Chief Hansen reported the Budget had been well below the norm for the month.  He also reported there had been 82 violations for the month; 16 were for speeding and 66 were for other offenses.  In the Village area; 12 speeding, nine (9) other, Route 130; four (4) speeding, 36 other; East of Route 130; 21 for moving violations.  Chief Hansen stated the month had been short on manpower with one employee out the entire month due to a job-related injury. 


Work Session (Continued)

a.       Monthly Report by Police Chief Jay Hansen(cont’d)

Additional cases of minimal staffing due to seminars and officers taking sick, personal and vacation days.  Radar had been run on the following locations for a total of 96

occasions:  Cranbury Neck Road – eight (8), Dey Road – six (6), Maplewood Avenue – two (2), North Main Street – 21, Old Cranbury Road – one (1), Old Trenton Road –

seven (7), Plainsboro Road – 25, Route 130 – four (4), South Main Street – 10, South River Road – four (4), Station Road – three (3) and unspecified locations – five (5).  The radar-mounted vehicle had been deployed on nine (9) separate occasions: Main Street – two (2), North Main Street – one (1), Old Trenton Road – one (1), Plainsboro Road – one (1), South Main Street – two (2) and Station Road – two (2).  The decoy car had been out on five (5) occasions:  Cranbury Neck Road – one (1), Old Trenton Road (one (1) and South Main Street – three (3).  The bike patrol had been non-existent to lack of manpower as well as the weather.


b.   Discussion of Parking Vehicles on Township Roads

Mayor Stout led the discussion by explaining the discussion had been started at the last Township Committee meeting on December 10, 2007.  Chief Hansen indicated, as he had reported at the last meeting, the Township can pass ordinances that prohibit parking in certain locations within the Township.  For County-owned roads, approval would be needed by the County and for State roadways, from the State.  Chief Hansen stated in the past he had been in touch with the County Engineer requesting permission to install a no parking sign along Station Road.  The County Engineer had indicated, with a Resolution adopted by the Township Committee, approval would be given to install the signs.  Chief Hansen reported that truckers had been reported parking along Liberty Way.  Ms. Waterbury indicated the Township would have to do something by Ordinance as opposed to Resolution and could incorporate the no parking on certain roads by trucks with the ordinance to be done for other traffic issues in early 2008.  Mr. Wittman stated he had noticed trucks parking along South River Road and raised his concern with trucks just pulling over on Main Street or other Township roads.


c.   Discussion by Andrew Feranda, Traffic Engineer, of a request by Dr. Alexander for removal of a parking space.

Andrew Feranda, Traffic Engineer, discussed a request by Dr. Stuart Alexander, D.M.D. for the removal of a parking space on North Main Street.  Mr. Feranda reported this was an issue which had come before the Planning Board when Dr. Alexander filed his application for his dental office.  The entrance to the dental office would be in the rear of 19 North Main Street and not on North Main Street and Dr. Alexander will be  using the existing building (previously a home) for the practice. Mr. Feranda reported the driveway between the two homes is approximately eight (8) feet wide and there will be nine (9) parking spaces in the rear with one (1) handicapped place.  Also in front of the dwelling are several on-street parking spaces. There are presently two (2) parking places in front of the house.  One of the parking spaces had been described by the Planning Board as being a space within a site triangle. Mr. Feranda indicated at that time he had suggested that particular space might have to be removed.  The Planning Board, however, did not have the authority to pass an Ordinance prohibiting parking; the Township Committee does.  The Planning Board recommended the applicant bring the issue to the Township Committee’s attention.  Mr. Feranda stated, from a traffic standpoint, there is a site distance issue and removing the parking space would allow a vehicle exiting to be able to look to the left for oncoming Southbound vehicles.  Mr. Feranda reported the application had been heard as well by the County.  The County made a recommendation left turns out of the driveway be prohibited and eliminating one parking space in front of the house.  Mr. Feranda added, the driveway itself is narrow for two-way traffic (being a slight concern) and the County had been in agreement with eliminating the one (1) parking space in front of the home.  Ms.

Work Session (Continued)

c.   Discussion by Andrew Feranda, Traffic Engineer, of a request by Dr. Alexander for removal of a parking space (cont’d)

Waterbury, Township Attorney, reported the County is requiring Dr. Alexander to obtain from the Township, a Resolution, indicating the Township’s investigation of the removal

of the parking space located in front of the home.  Mr. Wittman asked what makes this issue different; stating there are four (4) other businesses on Main Street with the same situation.  Mayor Stout asked if the Church had been contacted concerning the issue.  Mr. Feranda stated he believed the County is sensitive to Cranbury Township’s parking concerns.  Mayor Stout asked if the County agrees on taking away the parking space and no left-hand turns or one or the other.  Mr. Feranda indicated the County had recommended both; taking away the parking space and no left-hand turns out of the driveway. Ms. Waterbury, Township Attorney, then read a Resolution she had drafted.  Mr. Wittman asked if the Township Committee should decide not to adopt the Resolution, would it prohibit Dr. Alexander from opening his business.  Mr. Feranda responded the Resolution would only be adopted to let the County know the Township had investigated removal of the parking space.  Mr. Stannard stated PNC Bank is moving its Cranbury headquarters very soon and the Township has an arrangement to use the parking spaces at the Bank. Mr. Stannard added the Township could end up losing quite a few parking spaces once the Bank leaves and reducing one (1) parking space on Main Street affects more than just one space.  Mr. Stannard explained, as a long-time member of the Planning Board, just about every applicant for a business on Main Street always inquires about the parking along Main Street.  Mr. Panconi reminded the Committee Dr. Alexander is adding nine (9) parking spaces for his business in the back of his building, improving his property and has come before the Township Committee for assistance.  Mayor Stout asked if there would be an opportunity to restrict parking during certain hours in front of the house.  Mayor Stout opened up discussion for public comment:


Mr. Frank Marlowe, 11 North Main Street, (a resident four (4) down from the property in question and a member of the Cranbury Business and Professional Association) stated the idea of taking away a parking place for any reason is very much at odds with a high priority the business community has had for many years.  He expressed his alarm that the Township Committee was even considering it.  Mr. Marlowe stated in reference to the site triangle issue--there are 14 driveways such as Dr. Alexander’s between Westminster and North Main Street.  In twenty-six years there has never been an accident on Main Street. Mr. Marlowe explained there is enough room (width wise) for cars existing their respective driveways to pull out slowly and far enough to see on-coming vehicles.  Mr. Marlow stated there is a safety issue on the sidewalk with bicycles.  A car cannot see a bicycle coming while exiting the driveway. Mr. Marlowe added it would be a plus to have something in a driveway to make cars slow down as they exit the driveway.  Mr. Marlowe stated with Dr. Alexander putting parking in the back of his building it does not help the neighbors as the neighbors will not be using the parking in the back.  Mr. Marlowe stated prior to Dr. Alexander, a family lived in the home.  During the day their cars were not parked in front of the home; Dr. Alexander’s business will add to the number of cars that will be parking on North Main Street.  Mr. Marlowe raised his concern with patients utilizing the parking spaces on Main Street first and not in the back. Mr. Marlowe added the neighbors on both sides and across the Street do not have off-street parking.  Mr. Marlowe stated not enough parking spaces exist on Main Street and to eliminate one (1) existing parking space is unnecessary.  Mr. Marlowe stated the present parking plan has been satisfactory for a long, long time and a lot of harm to the neighbors would be done to move forward with the elimination of the parking place.  Mr. Bob Finigan, 88 North Main Street, owner of 17 North Main Street (soon to be The Blue Rooster), stated he was concerned about the removal of the parking space for the same reasons as Mr. Marlowe.  Mr. Finigan


Work Session (Continued)

c.   Discussion by Andrew Feranda, Traffic Engineer, of a request by Dr. Alexander for removal of a parking space (cont’d)

reported, when Dr. Alexander originally applied for a use variance he indicated he would be providing 16 parking spaces for his patients in the back of the building.  There

was an issue with a Paw Paw Tree on the site in the back of the home and Dr. Alexander was told he had to come up with a revised site plan which he had not done.  Mr. Finigan further added the less amount of parking places would be a burden on Main Street as patients who could not park in the back of the building would be parking on Main Street.  Mr. Finigan indicated he had tried himself to pull out of the driveway and noted there is sufficient site distance to see approaching Southbound cars.  Mr. Finigan also raised his concern with bicyclists and tri-cyclists and not being able to see them.  Mr. Finigan added if the parking space is removed it would potentially increase the desire of a driver to more rapidly enter the driveway without adequately slowing down to make sure there are no children on either bicycles or tricycles.  As a business owner, Mr. Finigan raised his concern with restricting the hours to park in front of Dr. Alexander’s building.  Mr. Finigan asked if the Township could make the parking space shorter in length for only compact cars, allowing greater sight distance.  Dr. Stuart Alexander, 14 Rocky Brook Road, Perrineville, New Jersey, stated he felt he needed to speak to defend what had been said about his application and not fulfilling all requirements he had promised the Planning Board upon approval.  The Planning Board approved his application for nine (9) conventional parking places and one (1) handicapped parking place.  All of those parking places will be located in the back of the property including the one place which had to accommodate a very historic tree (Paw Paw Tree).  Dr. Alexander urged the Township Committee to heed the advice the Traffic Engineer concerning the sight triangle. Dr. Alexander indicated, as per Middlesex County’s recommendations, the driveway would now be located inside the adjacent parking place.  Dr. Alexander stated when he went before the Planning Board he understood parking was an issue and had planned accordingly with his application by having parking in the back of the building.  Dr. Alexander stated his patients will not be able to access his office from the Main Street entrance.  Dr. Alexander reported prior to applying to the Planning Board, the current owners of 17 North Main Street (Mr. and Mrs. Finigan) had a parking survey done for their proposed bakery and it had indicated an abundance of parking spaces on Main Street.  Now, according to what Mr. Finigan stated, there is not a sufficient amount of parking.  Dr. Alexander thanked the Township Committee for listening to him and taking into consideration this issue and stated he hoped in the coming weeks, the Township, after weighing the pros and cons, looks towards the future.  Dr. Alexander requested the Township adopt the Resolution.   Mr. John Ritter, Plainsboro Road, stated he was concerned about eliminating the parking place; setting a precedent and people would use it to eliminate parking places in front of their businesses as well.  Mr. Ritter stated he believed the safety of all groups; pedestrians, vehicles and bicyclists/tricycles should be taken into account, not one particular group and urged the Committee to take this into consideration when the issue is before them again. 



Cranbury Township Resolution # R 12-07-198


   On motion offered by Ms. Stave, seconded by Mr. Wittman, the following resolution was adopted by vote:



(Panconi                                   Abstain:  (None

                        (Stannard                                  Absent:   (None




Cranbury Township Resolution # R-12-07-198





Nays:    (None








            WHEREAS, Dr. Stuart Alexander is the owner of property located at 19 North Main Street and designated on the Cranbury Township Tax Maps as Block 23, Lot 65 (the “subject property”); and


            WHEREAS, Dr. Alexander has received approval from the Cranbury Township Planning Board to use the subject property for a dentist’s office; and


            WHEREAS, Dr. Alexander has also received conditional approval from the Middlesex County Planning Board to use the subject property for said dentist’s office, subject to, among other things, Dr. Alexander submitting a resolution from Cranbury Township “indicating the investigation into the removal of the on street parking stall located in front of this site”; and


            WHEREAS, the purpose of removing the parking stall is to improve sight distances for vehicles exiting the subject property;


            NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Cranbury, that it has investigated the removal of the on-street parking space located in front of 19 North Main Street and hereby finds that (a) the Township is concerned about reducing the availability of public parking along Main Street but (b) is sensitive to the need to enable the safe egress of vehicles from the subject property, and therefore requests that the Township’s Traffic Consultant provide a report to Township Committee regarding all reasonable alternatives to address the best interests of the public health, safety and welfare, including no action, removal, sizing, time restrictions, and the like; and


            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Township Clerk shall forward a certified copy of this resolution to the Middlesex County Planning Board.



Cranbury Township Resolution # R 12-07-195


   On motion offered by Mr. Wittman, seconded by Ms. Stave, the following resolution was adopted by vote:



(Panconi                                   Abstain:  (None

                        (Stannard                                  Absent:   (None





                        Nays:  None




Cranbury Township Resolution # R 12-07-195








            WHEREAS, Township of Cranbury (“Township”) requires E-Mail services for various municipal departments and has a need to acquire such services as a non-fair and open contract pursuant to the provisions of  N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5; and


            WHEREAS, the Township’s Administrator has determined and certified in writing that the value of said services will not exceed $17,500; and


            WHEREAS, the term of the contract is for one year; and


            WHEREAS, City Connections, LLC (“Contractor”) has submitted the attached proposal dated December 14, 2007 to provide E-Mail services for various municipal computers at the rates and costs set forth therein; and


            WHEREAS, the Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et seq., authorizes the award of a E-Mail service contract without competitive bidding when the cost of such contract does not exceed the applicable bid threshold; and


WHEREAS, the Township’s Chief Financial Officer has certified that sufficient funds are available for this purpose.


            NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Cranbury, in Middlesex County, New Jersey, as follows:


1.                   The Mayor and Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to execute the attached Agreement with Contractor pursuant to the provisions of the New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1, et seq


2.                   A copy of this Resolution, the Determination of Value, the Business Disclosure Certification, and the executed Agreement shall be placed on file in the office of the Township Clerk.





On motion offered by Ms. Stave, seconded by Mr. Wittman, the following Consent Agenda Resolutions were adopted by vote:


Ayes:    (Panconi                                   Abstain:  (None

            (Stannard                                  Absent:   (None





Nays:    (None



Cranbury Township Resolution # R 12-07-196


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Township of Cranbury that all bills and claims as audited and found to be correct be paid.


Cranbury Township Resolution # R 12-07-197






WHEREAS, there are 2007 Budget Accounts which require more funding due to circumstances not known at the beginning of the year; and


WHEREAS, there will be excess balances in budget accounts in which the expenditures will be less than projected at the beginning of the year,



NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Cranbury, that the following year 2007 Budget Transfers be authorized and made on the records and accounts of the Township:


                                    Budget Account                        From                 To


7-01-21-181-310 Master Plan O&E                       $5,000.00         

7-01-20-165-310 Engineering O&E                                               $5,000.00

7-01-20-130-025 Finance O&E                             $440.00

7-01-45-925-028 BAN Principal Dec                                             $440.00

                                                                                    _________        _________

                                                                                    $5,440.00          $5,440.00



BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution, certified by the Township Clerk to be a true copy forwarded to each of the following:


(a)                 Township Auditor

(b)                 Township Chief Financial Officer

(c)                 Township Administrator


Reports from Township Staff and Professionals

   Ms. Smeltzer, Township Administrator, reported on grant items she had been working on:  In November a letter had been sent to Freeholder Crabiel regarding Cranbury Millstone Park improvements and the Little League Field at Village Park.  Ms. Smeltzer spoke with the County Director of Parks and Recreation and he and the Freeholder Director would be meeting early in the New Year on the grant.  Ms. Smeltzer reported on a sustainability grant for revitalizing public buildings and downtown streetscapes.  Municipalities can obtain up to $100,000 for each round of the grant.  With the energy audit coming forward, Ms. Smeltzer called Maria Sirimus at the County Economic Development Office who indicated items like the doors and heating system at the Fire House and the windows at Town Hall all would be considered and suggested Ms. Smeltzer meet with her before submitting the grant.  Ms. Smeltzer added, as soon as the Township receives the energy audit, she will be meeting with Maria and then submitting the application for the grants for the items.  Ms. Smeltzer reported Ms. Marcelli, Township Engineer, had sent to her a summary of two grants.  One was for “High Risk/Rural Roads” which would apply to rural roads with a high accident rate and Ms. Marcelli did not think the Township has any such road. Another grant, the “New Jersey Fiscal Year ’09 Safety Program Grants”, is for new

Reports from Township Staff and Professionals (Continued)

     Ms. Smeltzer (cont’d)


and upgraded items such as red lights, signals, etc. and Ms. Marcelli recommended the Township apply for this grant in 2008.  Ms. Marcelli also sent a summary from the Middlesex County Planner, George Ververides, concerning the New Jersey Turnpike Authority reporting this week

about a proposed truck stop (Southbound Lane) at the Molly Pitcher Rest Stop on The New Jersey Turnpike in Cranbury Township.  Mayor Stout stated this was not the first time this idea had been suggested and the Township should be keeping a close watch on the issue.  Mr.


Feranda, Traffic Consultant, mentioned there was a meeting on December 20th and he planned to attend.  Mr. Feranda indicated he would be glad to report back to the Township on the meeting. 


Ms. Smeltzer stated the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority had contacted the Township to see if anyone wished to meet with them in January, 2008 concerning the proposed truck stop at the Molly Pitcher Rest Area and she would be getting back in touch with them to set up a date and time. 


Ms. Stave inquired about the status of the Babe Ruth Baseball Field Project.  Ms. Smeltzer reported Ms. Marcelli, Engineer, was in the process of reviewing all documents submitted by the successful bidder.  Ms. Stave stated she had walked the area over the weekend and the area where the proposed Village Green would be is in great need of some work.  Ms. Smeltzer indicated she would pass the information along to Ms. Marcelli, however, that work had not been in the bid specs.


Ms. Cunningham, Clerk, stated earlier in the evening she had passed out an updated Committee List for Reappointments for 2008 along with a memo she had received from Valerie Kimson, Planning Board Attorney, with recommendations for making appointments to the Planning Board and reminded everyone the deadline to return the information back to her is December 28, 2007.


Reports from Township Boards and Commissions 

There were no reports.


Public Comment

The Mayor opened the meeting to public questions and comments on those items not on the agenda.  There being no comments, the Mayor closed the public part of the meeting.


Mayor’s Notes

   Mayor Stout stated as since this was the last meeting for 2007; he wanted to thank everyone for the honor and privilege to serve the residents as the Mayor.  Mayor Stout stated, from where he sits, the state and prospect of Cranbury remains strong as it moves forward from 2007 to 2008.  Mayor Stout thanked all the dedicated volunteers on Cranbury’s Boards, Committees and Commissions and fellow Township Committee Members, Staff and Professionals who have helped to make 2007 a successful year.  Once again in the 300-year history of Cranbury, its people are what make Cranbury the vibrant community that it is.  Mayor Stout closed by telling everyone to enjoy and have a very safe and healthy Holiday Season.


On motion by Mr. Stannard, seconded by Ms. Stave and unanimously carried, the meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.


                                                Kathleen R. Cunningham, Clerk