NOVEMBER 1, 2007


The regular meeting of the Township Committee of the Township of Cranbury was held at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room.  Answering present to the roll call were: Township Committee members: Richard Stannard, Pari Stave (via telephone), Wayne Wittman and Mayor David J. Stout.  Mr. Panconi was absent. Also present were: Christine Smeltzer, Administrator and Kathleen R. Cunningham, Clerk.  Mayor Stout led in the salute to the flag and Ms. Cunningham gave the following Open Public Meetings Act statement:


In accordance with Section 5 of the Open Public Meetings Act, it is hereby announced and shall be entered into the minutes of this meeting that adequate notice of this meeting has been provided:


(1)                 Posted on October 22, 2007 on the Bulletin Board of the Municipal

Office at 23-A North Main Street, Cranbury, New Jersey and remains posted at that location.


(2)                 Communicated to the Cranbury Press, Home News Tribune and Trenton Times on October 22, 2007.


(3)                 Was filed on October 22, 2007 with a Deputy Municipal Clerk at the Cranbury Municipal Office, 23-A North Main Street, Cranbury, New Jersey and remains on file for public inspection, and


(4)                 Sent to those individuals who have requested personal notice.


Regular Committee Minutes of October 8, 2007

     On motion by Mr. Stannard, seconded by Mr. Wittman and unanimously carried, the Regular Committee Minutes of October 8, 2007 were adopted.


Agenda Additions/Changes

    There were no changes.


Ms. Cunningham, Clerk, stated she had checked with Counsel who indicated event though Messrs. Stout and Stannard are conflicted and cannot vote, and with Mr. Panconi absent, there is still a quorum (out of necessity) who can vote on the motion:


MOTION:  On motion by Mr. Wittman, seconded by Ms. Stave and unanimously carried, with Messrs. Stout and Stannard abstaining, the Raffle Application for Cranbury Lions Club to conduct a Raffle on December 2, 2007 was approved. 



  First Reading


Cranbury Township Ordinance # 11-07-13


            An Ordinance entitled, “Cranbury Township Ordinance # 11-07-13, AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF CRANBURY, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, AMENDING CHAPTER 150 OF THE CODE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF CRANBURY TO ADD A NEW R-ML III-RESIDENTIAL MT. LAUREL III ZONE”, was introduced for first reading.  On motion by Mr. Stannard, seconded by Mr. Wittman, the Ordinance was passed on first reading by vote:


Ayes:    (Stannard                                  Abstain:  (None

            (Stave                                       Absent:   (Panconi






Cranbury Township Ordinance # 11-07-13



Nays:    (None

                                                            Public Hearing:  November 26, 2007





WHEREAS, Chapter 150 of the Code of the Township of Cranbury (“Code”), the “Land Development Ordinance of Cranbury Township” (“LDO”), regulates land use and development in the Township; and


WHEREAS, in order for the Township to satisfy its third round affordable housing obligations, both the November 3, 2005 Housing Element and Fair Share Plan of the Township’s Master Plan and the Planning Board’s December 1, 2005 Master Plan Reexamination Report call

for the construction of affordable housing on property located at 2665 Route 130 South and designated as Block 26, Lot 3 on the Cranbury Township Tax Map; and


WHEREAS, it is necessary to create appropriate zoning and bulk standards for the construction of said housing;


NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Township Committee of the Township of Cranbury, Middlesex County, New Jersey, as follows:


Section 1. Creation of Residential – Mt. Laurel III Zone.  Chapter 150 of the Code of the Township of Cranbury (“Code”), the “Land Development Ordinance of the Township of Cranbury,” is hereby amended to create the Residential-Mt. Laurel III (R-ML III) Zone by adding new section 150-25.2, which shall read as follows:


§ 150-25.2    Residential—Mt. Laurel III (R-ML III) Zone.


A.      Permitted Uses.  All those uses permitted in the R-ML Zone.


B.      Area and Bulk Requirements[1]


         (1)      Minimum lot area:  three and a half (3.5) acres

         (2)      Minimum lot width:  300 feet

(3)            Minimum lot depth:  250 feet

                                                                                 Apartments          Townhouses and

                                                                                                               other permitted uses

         (4)      Maximum building height:                            3 stories/             2½ stories/

                                                                                      40 feet                  35 feet

         (5)      Maximum building coverage:                            25%                      30%

         (6)      Maximum impervious coverage:                       50%                      50%

         (7)      Maximum permitted density:                     12 units/acre         10 units/acre

         (8)      Minimum building setback:

Cranbury Township Ordinance # 11-07-13



                   (a)      Front:                                                 50 feet                  35 feet

                   (b)      Side (adjacent residential):                   35 feet                  30 feet

                            Side (adjacent non-residential):             25 feet                  20 feet

                   (c)      Rear:                                                  50 feet                  40 feet

         (9)      Minimum driveway and parking setbacks:

                   (a)      Front                                                  25 feet                  35 feet

                   (b)      Side (adjacent residential)                    30 feet                  25 feet

                            Side (adjacent non-residential)              15 feet                  15 feet

                   (c)      Rear                                                   50 feet                  40 feet


C.            Other Requirements


         (1)      Infrastructure.  All residential units shall be served by public sewer and centralized water systems


(2)      (a)      Where buildings are the closest structures to the side or rear property lines, the following minimum buffer area shall be provided:

                            (i)       Along the rear property line:  15 feet

                            (ii)      Along the side property lines:  10 feet

                   (b)      Where parking, driveways or active recreation areas are located closer to the property line than buildings, the following minimum buffer areas shall be provided:

                            (i)       Along the rear property line:  20 feet

                            (ii)      Along the side property lines:  15 feet


                   (c)      Such buffer shall consist of shrubs and trees, and may be supplemented by fencing (per Cranbury’s fencing requirements) or berms, whose primary purpose shall be to screen parking and driveways and active recreational areas from the adjacent property.


         (3)      Unless otherwise specified, all site plan, landscaping, signage or other design standards of the Residential Site Improvement Standards (RSIS) and the Cranbury Land Development Ordinance, as applicable, shall apply.


         (4)      Site plan review.  During site plan review, the following criteria shall be given consideration:

                   (a)      The function and visual relationship between dwelling units and adjacent existing developments.

                   (b)      Orientation of buildings so as to take advantage of passive solar heating and summer breezes while minimizing exposure to winter winds.

                   (c)      Pedestrian walkways which are linked to off-site walkway networks.

                   (d)      Minimization of glare, noise and visual intrusion of parking lots to external roadways and adjacent properties through grading, berms and/or plantings.



Cranbury Township Ordinance # 11-07-13



  Section 2. Zoning Map Amendment.  The Cranbury Township Zoning Map shall be amended to change the designation of the property located at 2265 Route 130 South and designated on the Cranbury Township Tax Map as Block 26, Lot 3 from Highway-Commercial (HC) to Residential – Mt. Laurel III (R-ML III).


Section 3. Referral to Planning Board.  A copy of this ordinance will be referred to the Cranbury Township Planning Board for review following its introduction and prior to being considered for final passage.


Section 4. Effective Date.  This ordinance shall take effect upon its passage and publication and upon the filing of a copy of said ordinance with the Middlesex County Planning Board, as required by law.



  Second Reading


Cranbury Township Ordinance # 10-07-12


A motion to enter an Ordinance entitled, “Cranbury Township Ordinance # 10-07-12

, AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF CRANBURY, IN MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, REPLACING IN ITS ENTIRETY EXISTING CHAPTER 120 OF THE CODE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF CRANBURY, ENTITLED, “RECYCLING,” WITH NEW CHAPTER 120 OF THE CODE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF CRANBURY, ENTITLED, “RECYCLING”, was presented for second reading and final adoption.  The Ordinance was published in the Cranbury Press, posted on the Township Bulletin Board and copies were available to the public.  The Mayor opened the public hearing on the Ordinance.  Ms. Smeltzer, Township Administrator, stated since the Ordinance had been introduced, the Middlesex County Recycling Coordinator had reviewed the Ordinance and had made a change listing a few additional items to be recycled.  Ms. Smeltzer indicated those changes were not substantive and Ms. Waterbury, Township Attorney, had indicated she did not feel the changes warranted re-introducing or re-advertising the Ordinance as the changes were not substantive.  No one else present wished to speak, so the hearing was declared closed.  On motion by Mr. Stannard, seconded by Mr. Wittman, the Ordinance was adopted by a vote:


Ayes:    (Stannard                                  Abstain:  (None

            (Stave                                       Absent:   (Panconi




Nays:    (None


Mayor Stout reported at the last meeting members of the public had asked about the opportunity to recycle fluorescent light fixtures at a centralized location as well as to have the ability to recycle certain electronic items at a centralized location.  Mayor Stout stated he, the Township Administrator, Ms. Smeltzer, Mr. Thorne, Public Works Director and Ms. Linda
Scott, Public Works Secretary had met regarding the issue.  The County will accept fluorescent lights, however, at a hazardous household waste sites.  Mr. Thorne is looking into if the Township could accept the compact bulbs/lights and also looking into getting a shed for electronic items. 






Consent Agenda


Mayor Stout explained Cranbury Township Resolution # R 11-07-176 was for the payment of bills and # R 11-07-177 for transfer of funds within the Township to adjust funds.  Mayor Stout stated the total amount to be transferred was $68, 700.00 to various accounts which had been under funded.


On motion offered by Mr. Stannard, seconded by Mr. Wittman, the following Consent Agenda Resolutions were adopted by vote:


Ayes:    (Stannard                                  Abstain:  (None

            (Stave                                       Absent:   (Panconi




Nays:    (None


Cranbury Township Resolution # R 11-07-176


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Township of Cranbury that all bills and claims as audited and found to be correct be paid.


Cranbury Township Resolution No: 11-07-177







WHEREAS, there are 2007 Budget Accounts which require more funding due to circumstances not known at the beginning of the year; and


WHEREAS, there will be excess balances in budget accounts in which the expenditures will be less than projected at the beginning of the year,



NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Cranbury, that the following year 2007 Budget Transfers be authorized and made on the records and accounts of the Township:


                                    Budget Account                        From                 To


7-01-27-340-320 Animal Control O&E                               $5,000.00         

7-01-26-310-450 Public Buildings O&E                                                     $5,000.00

7-01-20-100-011 A&E S&W                                             $20,000.00

7-01-20-100-320 A&E O&E                                                                     $20,000.00

7-01-20-155-025 Legal O&E                                            $43,700.00                                           

7-01-26-305-322 Garbage & Trash - Fall Cleanup                                       $8,200.00

7-01-31-440-310 Telephone - Public Bldgs                                                $10,800.00

7-01-31-440-240 Telephone - Police                                                         $3,600.00

7-01-22-205-011 HPC S&W                                                                     $200.00

7-01-31-445-310 Water - Public Bldgs                                                      $2,000.00

7-01-36-472-670 Social Security                                                              $11,000.00



Cranbury Township Resolution No: 11-07-177



7-01-26-315-240 Vehicle Maintenance - Police                                          $700.00

7-01-20-165-310 Engineering O&E                                                           $5,000.00

7-01-20-145-011 Tax Collection S&W                                                       $100.00

7-01-21-185-011 Zoning S&W                                                                  $100.00

7-01-27-335-011 Environmental Commission S&W                                    $125.00

7-01-27-340-011 Animal Control S&W                                                      $1,700.00

7-01-27-360-011 Human Services S&W                                                    $175.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $68,700.00                        $68,700.00


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution, certified by the Township Clerk to be a true copy forwarded to each of the following:


(a)                 Township Auditor

(b)                 Township Chief Financial Officer

(c)                 Township Administrator


Public Comment (for items not on Agenda)

The Mayor opened the meeting to public questions and comments on those items not on the agenda.    There being no comments, the Mayor closed the public part of the meeting.


On motion by Mr. Stannard, seconded by Mr. Wittman and unanimously carried, the meeting adjourned at 6:13 p.m.


                                                Kathleen R. Cunningham, Clerk


[1] In the case of a building or development comprising both townhouses and apartments, the more restrictive standard shall be applied.