Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  10-26-06


Attendance:  Beth Veghte, Jane Helstrom, Gene Buckley, Michele Harcher, Rose Siconolfi ,Mario Fiorentini, Bob O’Meara, Rich Grubb, Ken Jacobs and Wayne Wittman


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.


Review of the Minutes

09-28-06 – The minutes from 09-28-06 were approved as amended by a motion made by Gene Buckley and seconded by Rose Siconolfi.  All in favor.  Motion carried.




1.  Recreation Master Plan

A possible redesign of Millstone Park was discussed for possible multi use fields. 


2.  Seniors Meeting

Beth reported that there were 29 attendees at the meeting and a lot of suggestions were made.  Parks and Human Services will be meeting next week to go over the services that are available for the seniors.


3.  Field Use/Priority List – final vote

Beth brought back the list to Parks, Parks would like more changes.  The commission stood firm with the way it is now.  Beth will let Parks know where we stand.


4.  Senior Exercise Program 

Beth reported that Recreation will be paying the Church this year for the exercise classes.  Beth will be meeting with the Church in regards to recreation paying the instructor directly.  On November 6th the final decision will be made.





1.  Golden Agers

On November 11, 2006 the Golden Agers will be going to Hunterdon Hills.  Rose reported that 41 people are signed up so far and that she needs to get 45.  Rose said that she will get in touch with Hall at Four Season to get the seats filled.


2.  Senior Fellowship

Rose stated that on 10-26-06 the seniors went to see Jack Klugman at Meadowlakes.


3.  County Money

Beth stated that the Township Committee applied for a grant from the county for parks and the township was granted $480,000.


4.  Reservation Form Changes

Next meeting


5.  Park Update

Beth suggested that the benches in the parks be replaced.


6.  Concert Series Dates

Beth asked Ken to put together dates for next summer’s concert series for the next meeting.  Beth would also like to get suggestions from everyone so something could be put together for the seniors.


7.  Other

Beth asked if Michele and Ken could invite Tim Brennan, Jeff Frain to next meeting and Beth will invite Vinnie Kotowski.  Wayne asked if the committee could work more with the Municipal Alliance with suggestions and put together more events.  He suggested the Battle of Bands and the Jam Fest.


The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2006. 


Respectfully submitted,



Michele Harcher

Recording Secretary