Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  9/29/05


Attendance:  Edith Dlugokencki, Mari Fiorentini, Rich Grubb, Beth Veghte, Ken Jacobs, Bob O’Meara, Gene Buckley, and Michele Harcher, Tim Brennan


The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m.


Review of Minutes:

6-23-05 – The minutes from 6-23-05 were approved as amended by a motion made by Mario Fiorentini and seconded by Edith Dlugokencki.  The vote was 3-0 in favor.  Motion carried.

8-29-05 - The minutes from 8-29-05 were approved as amended by a motion made by Bob O’Meara and seconded by Rich Grubb.  The vote was 3-0 in favor.  Motion carried




1.  SUMMER CAMP:  Tim Brennan said camp used the new gym and it went smoothly.  The lobby was used for art and it was easy for clean up.  The staff was very good.  The library staff and Brian were very cooperative with using the facilities.  Swimming was excellent and well received.  On trips this year the 2nd graders up went on the day trips and the younger ones stayed behind. There were insurance issues with the middle school for the use of the pool but it was straightened out by Ken Jacobs.  Camp used the community room for movies.  The new trips to the Philadelphia Zoo and Camden Aquarium went well.  An Activities director was hired and for half a day and we had an Art teacher.  We receive a lot of positive feedback from parents.  The Art Director worked with the younger kids and the Art teacher worked with the older kids.  We stayed in our budget per Ken.  Form changes need to be made for next year.  Tim suggested a classroom to do art instead of the lobby.  Beth suggested sending a letter to Carol and the board for our request to have the gym and a classroom for next year.  In the letter it should be stated that our numbers of children have gone up and we need more space. Tim purchase thermometers for outside for hot days, if the temperature got to 90 degrees the children would have to come in. Tim suggested extending Thursday hours for trips next year so the younger children can stay longer on trips.  Ken suggested Clementon Amusement Park and Tim suggested Sesame Place for next year trips. 


2.  Battle of the Bands

Mario stated that his son Chris said that there were 5 bands interested.  Mario will have Chris present at the next meeting. 


3.  Fall Soccer

Soccer was canceled.  There were not enough children enrolled for the instructor to come here to run the program do to gas prices.  Richard stated the fliers did not go out earlier enough.  Richard stated the fliers should go out prior to school ending.  Bob suggested we should get the UK league here in Cranbury.  Beth thinks the flier should go out in the spring newsletter.  Bob suggested the volunteers for next year.  Ken will look into.  Spring soccer fliers should go out in the fall this year to bring up the number of registrations.  Ken also suggested that Skyhawks could possibly come and run the program.


4.  Millstone fields

Beth asked if there were any more issues.  Rich and Bob policed the fields for a week and there were no more issues.  Ken called EWPAL about using the fields and he did not get a returned call.  Beth asked Michele to break down the fields to a, b so more people can reserve.  Rich and Bob asked about signs.  Beth states the signs will have park rules.  Bob asked that 2 teams should only have permits there now.  The Soccer Club and Life Skills now have there coached listed on the permits.  Rich states that Life Skills should be notified that if the Soccer Club has a game and they need to get permits.



5.  Bike Path

Beth stated the bike path has been started.  It should be nice.  Keith has to get it done by his 18th birthday.


6.  Skate Park

No change.  We need to get the township committee’s view on the park.  Gene will follow up with the township committee.


7.  Needs Assessment

Beth gave the surveys to Michele to do a spreadsheet.


8.  Babe Ruth

The bid was awarded.  They are going to start in a month it should be ready by late spring 2007 for use.  Plans are being worked on so it can be completed on time. Once that is done the soccer fields will be irrigated.  Beth stated it should take about a week for each field to be done.


9.  Part time site supervisor

This person is to take care of tee ball and basketball and other activities.  Ken will do a job description and then a meeting will be set up to talk to Tom and Pari in regarding hiring someone.  It should not be any different than the summer help.


10.  Web page

Nothing new to report.


11.  Waivers for Basketball

Gene states they are done.


12.  Movies

Beth suggested we look into getting someone new to show the movies. Ken will look into.  Beth would like for someone to come to the next meeting to get dates set for next year.  Ken will have someone attend the next meeting to pick dates for next year.  Last movie shown this year had a great turn out per Ken.


13.  Middlesex County Money

Beth has not heard anything about this.


14.  Camp Out

Beth suggests June 3rd for warmer weather.  June 3rd is the set date for the camp out.  Ken is to put something together for the January newsletter.  It will be held at Village Park.


15.  Cranbury Day

Michele organized the activities sponsored by Recreation Commission.  The moonwalks were a hit and Yosi performed earlier in the day.


16.  DEP Livable Communities Program Funds

Ken has not seen anything yet for this program.  He believes that the information is sent to the Mayors of every town.  Ken will look into when the information is due to come out.



17.  Newsletter

Everything was put in the newsletter.


18.  Computer Program Adjustment

Ken tried to contact Jan but she is on vacation.




1.  Welcome Michele Harcher

Michele was welcomed as the new recording secretary.


2.  Discussion of Fee/Park Reservation

Beth thinks the fees for the reservations should cover clean up.  If we use the public works employees they would need to be paid overtime which could be expensive. Tom suggested we hire a private company to do clean up.  We should charge outside organizations with the exception of the township base organizations to use the fields.  By charging the fees we hope to deter organizations of using the fields.  Ken suggested $50 for a block of 3 hours.   The Pavilion and Gazebo was also discussed to charge a fee.  Beth suggested that we hire someone privately to clean up for around $25 - $50 for each reservation.  Beth asked Ken to work up something for all the groups using the fields to see what should be charged.


3.  Park Update

A fence is being put up by one of the scouts so everyone uses the path instead of cutting through the yards.  Rich and Bob asked why the fences are there for the West Property entrance.  They stated that it is very hard for two cars to pass each other.  A message board will be put up in the preserve.  The swings are back up in Village and Millstone parks.  The historical society wants to preserve Updike Barn and try to make it usable.  Gene suggested that using the barn would be more trouble then what it is worth because it is so historical.  To use the barn for meetings there would be need to change the historical features of the barn.


4.  Golden Agers

Edith stated that plans are being made for the Christmas party. 


5.  Senior Fellowship

Nothing new to report.


6.  2006 Budget

Beth would like to get 2 sets of portable turf goals so the fields can be used for and lacrosse as well.  Ken recommended that the summer recreation budget from this year should not be changed.  Ken thinks that we have enough money in the trust account to cover everything.  Ken also suggested that the counselors and teachers get certified for CPR next year as well hire a nurse for summer camp.  A rebound wall was suggested.  Ken states they are very expensive.  Beth thinks that we can get a local contractor to volunteer and do the work if the materials were purchased.   Beth would like to get a turf field.  Beth suggested that the ice freezing mechanism be added.  Mario suggested that we add the rebound walls for the tennis courts.  The budget was agreed upon and will be submitted to Tom Witt and Denise Marabello.    



7.  Additional Playing Fields

Current fields are getting burnt out.  Beth wants to put together a subcommittee to work with the township committee to use other areas in town.  Haggerty field was suggested.  Bob suggested putting a small sided field at Village outside left field.


8.  Other

Gene suggested a winter program for lacrosse.  Gene will look into and discuss it further at the next meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for October 27, 2005. 


Respectfully submitted,



Michele Harcher

Recording Secretary