Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  6/23/05



Attendance:  Edith Dlugokencki, Mario Fiorentini, Rose Siconolfi, Beth Veghte, Art Wasson, Ken Jacobs, Kerry A. Philip


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.



            5/26/05 – The minutes from 5/26/05 were approved as amended by a motion made by Edith Dlugokencki and seconded by  Mario Fiorentini.  The vote was 3-0 in favor.  Motion carried.




1.         Golden Agers:  Edith stated that the Women’s Club of Cranbury sponsored a luncheon at the last meeting.  She advised that the Church Band performed and they were quite good.  The trip to Sight and Sound has been changed to July 19th for better seats. 


2.         Senior Fellowship:  Rose said that they traveled to Cactus Island on Tuesday, Cactus Island is located near Barnegate.  She then advised that the exercise class is finished until the Monday after Labor Day and classes will be held every Monday and Thursday.


3.         Park Update:

Beth stated that she, Judy and Tom met with Jaye about purchasing swing sets.  The Township has approved the purchase of swing sets for Millstone Park this year and restoration of the swings in Village Park next year.  She advised that the plan is to get rid of the small play structure in Village Park but this was donated by the dancers who are currently in litigation with the town so they decided to leave the play structure and perform an inspection to determine what it needs to be brought up to code.  Tom is attempting to get the Township to pay for all the improvements this year since the total cost is not much.


Beth handed out a copy of the Park Rules to Board members.  She will meet with the sign manufacturer in several weeks.  Ken stated that the Environmental Commission had reviewed the Park Rules and they wanted their sign and rules to be slightly different so he passed around a sample of their sign detail.   


4.         HS Hoops Flyer:  Beth stated that she received the flyer from Ken, and stated that the dates of the program must be confirmed.  She would like the flyer enclosed with the fall newsletter.  Beth stated that she will try to get the names of all the 8th graders and those kids who registered last year for the mailing. 





1.         Summer Camp:  Beth stated that she ordered t-shirts, they will arrive the second week of camp.  Ken advised that an Orientation Meeting of the staff was held this evening and they went over the rules of the camp.  They were told that they are considered representatives of the Township, they should act appropriately and were briefed on what is expected of them.  The attendance was good, most of the counselors were there.  Five more registrations were received today and the total number of registrants at this time is more than last year. 


2.         Skate Park:  No discussion took place.


3.         Needs Assessment:  Beth stated that she spoke with Michelle about working on the needs assessment.  She anticipates that Michelle will begin working on this next week. 


4.         Bike Path:  Beth stated that Keith Vincelette received approval by Township Committee.  He is awaiting approval by the Scout Council.  Keith advised that the project should begin August or in the fall.


5.         Babe Ruth Field:  Beth stated that she believes bids for renovating the property have gone out.


6.         Part-Time Recreation Program Coordinator:  No report was provided.


7.         Web Page:  Beth handed out a document of possible links from our site.  She also handed out a sample list of “frequently asked questions” and asked board members to consider other questions to post.


8.         Public Works Thank You Lunches:  Beth advised that nothing has been done yet. 


9.         Waiver for aerobics, basketball and tennis:  Beth stated that Michelle mailed the waivers to the basketball and aerobics participants.   


10.       Summer Concerts / Movies

Ken stated that one problem about moving the day to Friday is that this is the night that the softball league plays in the park.  He advised that the Movie Man is available July 8th and August 5th and in between there will be free concerts.  Yosi was scheduled for August 5th but this will be changed, the softball contact was not willing to give up three Fridays but Ken stated that he will move the game or practice to Wednesdays.  He is hoping to get the Accoustaholics for one of the concert dates, this should be confirmed next week.  He will send information to the newspapers via e-mail.  The movies chosen are:

·        Ghost Busters

·        Limony Snickets Series of Unfortunate Events


11.              Priorities:  Middlesex County Money

Beth stated that she asked for more ideas on how to spend the grant money received.  Ken stated that a pavilion is considered for Millstone Park near the play area. 


12.       Camp Out:  Beth stated that the evening of Cranbury Day is being considered.  Beth sent an e-mail to the Chairman of the Environmental Commission, Pete Sibley, to get input on a date and location. 


13.       Other Business:  Beth handed Ken a list of the sports items needed. 


14.       Good Bye Kerry / Kerry’s Replacement:

Board members wished Kerry good luck and thanked her for working with the Commission for the past three years.  Ken stated that he will ask Michelle if she is interested in becoming the Recording Secretary for the Commission.  If not, he was asked to put something in the newspaper.


The next meeting is scheduled for August 25, 2005. 


The meeting adjourned at 9:00.


Respectfully submitted,





Kerry A. Philip

Recording Secretary