Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  5/26/05


Attendance:  Gene Buckley, Mario Fiorentini, Rich Grubb, Edith Dlugokencki, Bob O’Meara, Beth Veghte, Ken Jacobs, Kerry A. Philip.


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.


Review Minutes:

3/24/05 – Informal meeting

4/28/05 – The minutes from 4/28/05 were approved as amended by a motion made by Gene Buckley and seconded by Edith Dlugokencki.  The vote was 3-0 in favor.  Motion carried.


Old Business:

1.                  Summer  Camp:  Camp Staff

Ken stated that the office has received 15 applications but only a few positions are available.  Interviews are set up for next week.  He stated that the Witherspoon Middle School pool has been secured for use by the campers.  A flyer has been sent to the schools advising of the deadline date for registration.  At this time approximately 35 registrations have been received. 


2.                  Skate Park:

Beth stated that Cranbury is proceeding with the development of a skate park.  She asked what our next step would be.  Gene stated that the question is where the park will be located.  Beth stated that we need to generate some interest so when we get to the process of proposing this on a parcel we need to show the interest in a skate park.  It would also be helpful to know how this would be funded.  Beth stated that this issue will be put on hold till September and by that time we can calculate what is desired in the needs assessment and the recreation master plan.   Gene noted that the issue involves whether Cranbury wants a skate park, he advised that he would like to find out why we are being stalled on finding a location for the park.  Beth advised that she will speak with Pari Stave and Dave Stout.  Gene stated that a valid concern would be the survey (needs assessment) and what the general priorities are; he feels the survey does not show this as a high priority.  Beth stated that the survey appears to have been completed by the adults and not the children, the kids would probably have a different list of priorities for recreation. 


3.       Needs Assessment:  Ken advised that their new secretary, Michelle, likes to work on spread sheets so Beth was asked to forward the needs assessment data to Michelle.  Beth suggested doing a needs assessment for the kids and after those results the assessment would be modified. 


4.       Bike Path:  Beth stated that construction of the path should begin some time after June.  The contract needs to be approved by all parties. 


5.       Babe Ruth Field:  Beth stated that the environmental commission reviewed the parcel this week because the Borough has put bids out for demolishing the field.  There is concern because a number of complaints have been received about the handling of this matter, it has been expressed that the dirt in the field may be contaminated and there is concern about the debris from the dust and the fact that the soil was not handled properly.  Beth advised that the soil has never been tested so it should have been handled properly.  The irrigation lines will be determined after remediation efforts are complete and she advised that Bob Brown has signed the contract so the plans can be finalized.     


6.       Baseball Questions for Newsletter:

Mario handed out a copy of his suggested questions for the newsletter (i.e. Are the number of little league fields sufficient? Which field is utilized the most / the least? How important is the need for indoor facilities for training during the season and off season. Is a concession stand needed in Village Park?).  Beth stated that these questions will be included in the document.


7.       Park Rules:

Beth stated that the rules are almost in final form, she approached the Environmental Commission to get their feedback.  They suggested the elimination of some rules that did not really pertain to the park.  The document will be revised and resubmitted to the EC for their review.  Signage with the park rules will be handed by Tom Witt.


8.       Part-Time Recreation Program Coordinator:  Beth asked Ken to send her the description via email. 


9.       Web Page: 

Gene advised the board of his new e-mail address.

Beth handed out copies of Board’s 2005 projected goals and objectives and Parks Recreational Amenities.  She advised that the goals and links to other sites will be included on the web page, Ken was asked to work on a mission statement.  A list of the amenities will also be on the web page.  Gene stated that signage is needed to remove Cranbury from liability in the case of injury or worse by the lake.  Ken stated that some items may be part of the goals for the parks commission.  Bob asked if a pavilion is still being considered.  Beth stated that it is and it is included in our budget but it was placed behind the money needed for a skate park.  Included on the web page should be a list of frequently asked questions.  Board members were asked to consider questions about recreation and forward their suggestions to Beth via e-mail. 


10.     Waivers:  Ken stated that he asked Michelle to print out 30 copies of the waivers and mail them to Gene’s home.  The waivers could not be e-mailed since the permits are not on letterhead within the computer.  Waivers are needed for the aerobics class and if we sponsor a tennis program then we need to get waivers from those participants. 


11.     Antenna/Lights:  Gene stated that there does not appear to be a real offer for light poles for the fields.  There was a communication company had contacted Cranbury but did not receive a response.  Light towers were installed in Millstone Township instead of Cranbury.    


12.     Summer Concerts/Movies:  Ken stated that Yosi can be scheduled and we could schedule a concert before a movie.  Ken was asked to check the prices for the two bands we are considering.  Ken stated that he will come up with some ideas and will e-mail everyone with the results.   


13.     County Monies:  Beth advised that county monies are available and asked Board members for suggestions on what the money should be used for.  Gene recommended the creation of a bike path around the water out to the swim club; Bob recommended a covered pavilion for the soccer fields, and; Mario recommended permanent bathroom facilities. 




1.       Summer Movies: 

Todd Kimmel (Movie Man) handed out copies of the list of the movies that he will be showing in Philadelphia.  He stated that the movies are just a sample of what they offer, and there are a number of movies available to choose from.  He also advised that a ukulele workshop will be held weekly.  He presented a poster that he used in Berlin, NJ last year.  He advised that they offer a 12-foot screen, and a big sound system.  Kerry asked if it was front or rear projection and he advised that it is front projection.  Mr. Kimmel asked if he should submit a list of the movies and activities that they feel would work in Cranbury, something that would attract a large number of people.  Mr. Kimmel then provided his charges:  $675/show for 8 to 10 shows; $775/show for 3-7 shows, and; $875/show for 2 shows or less.  Board members asked of his availability.  Mr. Kimmel advised that he is available on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Gene suggested that the movies be held on Fridays instead of Wednesdays.  Mr. Kimmel concluded by stating that he is very interested in working with Cranbury.  Mr. Kimmel left the meeting.  Ken stated that he is unsure if the price includes the purchase of the rights to the film, it is a hassle to do this.  He recommended that one movie be animated.  Beth stated that board members will have the opportunity to review the list and make recommendations. 


2.       Golden Agers:  Edith stated that they are planning a trip to Sight and Sound in June.      


3.       Senior Fellowship:  Beth stated that she did not call the Four Seasons about using one of their rooms for the exercise class in the summer. 


4.       Park Update:  Beth stated that she and Judy Dossen attended the Township meeting to discuss the swing sets.  The Township has received numerous irate phone calls about where the swing sets are since they were removed for repair and relocation.  They made a proposal presentation for swings and the Township approved this request.  The swing sets will be put in Millstone Park in 2005 and Village Park in 2006.  After the space for the swing sets is determined, the number of bays to fit that space can be determined.  The improvements should be less than $3000.  Beth stated that we may need to enlarge the underlayment. 


5.       High School Hoops Flyer:

Beth stated that she was speaking with Jay Lawrence and they feel that a flyer is needed that can be distributed to the current 8th grade class to get them psyched up for high school hoops next year.  The flyer could include a section for them to complete with contact information so we could contact those students who are interested.  This approach could be done for all activities, not just HS Hoops.


6.       Camp Out:

Ken was asked to set a date for a camp out.  Beth stated that when a date is known we can put a flyer in with the summer newsletter.  Ken asked that a location for this event be determined.  He suggested that this be done in conjunction with an evening movie.  September 10th is being considered. 


7.       Other Business:

Beth advised that we received a year contribution of $500 from the Lions Club.


Beth then announced that the Recording Secretary, Kerry A. Philip, will be leaving after next months meeting because she is relocating to another part of New Jersey.  She expressed thanks to Kerry for all of her hard work. 


The meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for June 23, 2005. 


Respectfully submitted,





Kerry A. Philip

Recording Secretary