Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  4/28/05


Attendance:  Gene Buckley, Rich Grubb, Rose Sicondolfi, Beth Veghte, Art Wasson (8:20), Ken Jacobs, Kerry A. Philip.


Also in attendance:  Pete Wilson, Soccer


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.


Review Minutes:

October 28, 2004 – Motion made by Gene and Beth seconded the motion to approve the minutes of 10/28/04.  The vote was 2-0 in favor.  Motion Carried

December 14, 2004Motion made by Gene and Rich seconded the motion to approve the minutes of 12/14/04 as amended.  The vote was 4-0 in favor.  Motion Carried. 




SOCCER:  Pete Wilson addressed the Commissioners.  He stated that the soccer program will begin on May 7th.  When a final number of participants are known, T-shirts and balls will be ordered.  The 7-week program will be held in Millstone Park, ages 5-9 years old.  Beth asked Ken to prepare another flyer about the program.  Pete said that basic recreation stuff is planned; perhaps ˝ way through the recreation camp they would like to have a summer camp program at the school or Millstone Park.  He will prepare some information and give it to Rich for distribution.  Beth suggested that during the process, if something in the fall is planned the kids in the current program should be advised and we will send out another flyer about the program in May.  Pete said that he is considering many different soccer camps and is willing to work with Vinnie Katowski about ideas.  



Art and Rich volunteered to work on the review of the recreation master plan.   


GOLDEN AGERS:  Rose stated that a trip to Sight and Sound is scheduled in June.  A luncheon was also held.  Rose asked that something be posted on the website about the Golden Agers. 


SENIOR FELLOWSHIP:  Rose stated that they scheduled a trip to the Princeton graduate school where they had lunch and then a concert.  On Tuesday they attended a spring flower tour which included a lunch.



Beth stated that she is trying to get a checklist together to give to public works so they can review the playground equipment and park benches.  The park benches required re-painting as well as various repairs to the play equipment.  A formal review should be done twice per year; the checklist will be signed by the investigator and dated for reference.  Beth stated that they should also look at the Millstone Park swing sets and give us a list of what should be replaced; suggested minor modifications are required including enlarging the pad and shifting the location of the swing sets. 



Beth stated that an extra concert should be considered.  Ken stated that Yoshi is one possible performer (kids concert).  He said another concert could be scheduled after Labor Day.  He also suggested a band (the Mahoney Brothers) well known in the area.  The band plays rock music such as the Beatles and Beach Boys.  Art recommended another group called the “Acoustiholics” who performs monthly at City Streets; he will send Ken a link to their website. 





Ken stated that he was able to obtain use of a pool in Princeton.  Swim will be scheduled 3 days per week (M/T/W) for 1.5 hours each day.  Thursdays will be a trip day and Fridays are Special Days where the kids will be entertained.  Ken stated that a maximum of 19 kids have registered for one week of camp, the number fluctuates and the registrations are arriving slow.  They are attempting to hire a nurse at this time. 



Ken stated that the design of the rendering of the park was based on what was envisioned by the kids and is also within budget.  Ken stated that typically skate parks have a 2-year life span and then the kids get bored with the design of the pieces.  He reported that it is best if the pieces can be shifted.  Burlington Township has closed their park and sold their equipment.  Medford purchased some of the equipment; Ken stated that he has concerns about the viability of having a skate park.  Gene stated that the location is unknown and will remain unknown until the Master Plan is completed which could take as long as 1 year.  Beth stated that she is hoping that the subcommittee discusses the needed space during the Recreation Master Plan discussions.  Gene stated that Robbinsville has a skate park and because of the delay in constructing a skate park in Cranbury, perhaps we should advertise their skate park for Cranbury residents.  In addition, the Parks Commission would probably like to see if there is any public support for a skate park and the needs assessment does not show this support.    



Beth asked Gene how the rankings were determined.  He advised that they tried to capture the volume of the response and how passionate the people were about the item; the bike path was clearly something that everyone wants.  Beth stated that she needs to know the numbers for each category in each area and asked that the document be reformatted.  



Beth stated that she spoke with Keith and he is hoping to have the Eagle Scout proposal in Township’s hands in 2-3 weeks.  Beth stated that she will try to get permission for Keith to get in the area to spray for poison ivy.



Beth stated that on May 9th, the Township is going to review and possibly approve a contract for Bob Brown to complete the specifications for the park.  She anticipates that by fall renovations should be done and construction should begin, irrigation will not happen until they are done renovating and grading the soil.   



No report was provided.



Beth handed out a copy of the current park rules to the board.  She stated that the plan is to renovate Millstone Park and move the soccer fields so there would be a game field which we can monitor and make sure permits are taken out for its use.  In addition, the goals should be locked up when not in use.



Ken stated that a description has been prepared but it is on the Recreation Department’s computer.  Beth asked that it be provided to her for review.  



Beth stated that a bill was received and a purchase order prepared.  She believes the payment should have been received by this time.  Due to the fact that this building does not have air conditioning, Beth advised that classes will not be held during the summer months.  Beth stated that she will inquire with the Four Seasons if a room could be scheduled for this class during the summer months. 



Beth stated that they met with the webpage coordinator and all forms and waivers will be posted.  Also the board objectives for the year, special events, phone numbers, agendas, minutes, links to the parks commission and maps.  Ken stated that the site will also be designed for automatic program updates.    



Beth stated that nothing has been done yet but she will take care of this. 



Beth stated that waivers from the basketball participants are needed, Gene stated that he will take care of this.  Beth advised that waivers from the aerobic participants are also needed. 



Beth asked if the proposal for placing lights on a cell (tower) antenna is still being considered or is this a dead issue.  Gene stated that it is unknown if there is a need for a lighted field in Cranbury but someone was approached by a cell company who is interested in this type of installation but he has not heard anything further.  Rich stated that this may be something that we should pursue since the cell service provider are willing to install lights, Gene stated that he will ask Ed about this.


OTHER:  Rich discussed the signage at Millstone Park, something is needed to keep people off the fields.  Beth stated that once a sign of the park rules is prepared it will be installed in all the parks. 


The meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for May 26, 2005. 


Respectfully submitted,




Kerry A. Philip

Recording Secretary