Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  12/16/04



Attendance: Gene Buckley, Edith Dlugokencki, Rich Grubb; Bob O’Meara; Rose Siconolfi; Beth Veghte, Ken Jacobs, Kerry A. Philip.


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.


Old Business

1.                  Summer Camp 2004:  Beth asked Ken to include the summer camp information in the computer database.  Ken stated that he spoke with Tim Brennan and Tim will be preparing a plan of the summer camp trips.   

2.                  Skate Park:  Ken stated that he is downloading information that had been forwarded to him and he wishes to do a preliminary review prior to sending it to the kids. 

3.                  Needs Assessment:  Beth stated that the skate park does not appear to be a hot item according to the responses received.  Gene stated that he will work on a spreadsheet of the responses received.   Beth advised that there was not a lot of support for fields but then those who want fields really stressed their importance.  There was no support for softball.  One group expressed the need for soccer but a lot of people did not care.  Beth stated that she received approximately 57 responses and there were a lot of inconsistencies.  Some people expressed that they had to wait for tennis court time although they were not regular users of the courts.  Most people wished for a bikepath system connecting all the neighborhoods, some people wanted the skate park and others requested a freezing mechanism for the skate rink.  Tai Chi and Yoga classes were also requested.  The ages of the respondents varied.  Gene stated that a representative from a cell phone company had approached someone from the Cranbury Soccer Club about a proposal to install lighting free of charge with the intent to install whip antennas on top of the lights.  Rich stated that he will follow up on this.  Beth recommended that Vinny Kotowski or Ed Sekelsky be contacted.  Beth stated that several residents expressed the need for a lighted field.  Bob stated that since the fields would needed to be rested, the lighted field should be made of an artificial surface so resting of the field is not required.    

4.                  Bike Path:  Beth stated that Keith Vincelette made the bike path proposal before Council, Council approved the construction of the path but there are a few details which must be worked out.  Keith will be asking for some help from Roy Reinhardt and once a volunteer contract is signed he has one year to complete the project. 

5.                  Babe Ruth Field:   Beth advised that Council also approved Phase I – the park will have an outfield fence with a warning track.  The grading of the land will begin after the ground has been renovated and the field should be completed by Fall 2004.  The field should be available for use by Fall 2006.  Beth stated that each phase of Village Green must be voted upon by Council. 

6.                  New Park Ordinances:  Beth stated that an ordinance was passed making the Parks Board a Parks Commission.  Park rules were also passed by Council and a copy was handed out to the Board.  Beth stated that the rules will be posted on signs.  Beth also stated that signage is also needed to indicate the soccer and lacrosse fields but she was advised that this was not permitted so a sign for the Cranbury Brook Preserve will be prepared and on the sign it will state “playing fields”, this sign could be used as a landmark for visiting teams.  Beth stated that the sign for the Millstone Field must be moved to a more centralized location.  One final sign is needed at the corner of the Methodist Church so the location of the school and playing fields are clearly identified.  

7.                  Baseball questions for newsletter:  No report was provided.

8.                  Cranbury Hoops:  High School and Youth

Youth – Beth stated that not as many 5th and 6th graders signed up this year.  T-shirts will be ordered tomorrow.  The program has been going well.

High School – Beth stated that this program is also going well.  Beth stated that perhaps J. Lawrence could help Beth by overseeing the program.  Ken was asked to determine how much we should pay for his help, Ken recommended a salary between $10-$15 per hour.  Beth stated that there are quite a few kids who show up regularly for basketball, they seem to be having fun.

9.                  Part-Time Recreation Program Coordinator:  Beth asked Ken if he worked on the job description, Ken advised that the information will be sent to Beth via e-mail. 

10.             Senior Fellowship Exercise Class:  Rose stated that the exercise class started and is doing well.  Ken stated that he had been asked if the cost for this additional class has been paid for, he has not seen this as a line item so perhaps this may be charged to a separate account.  Ken advised that the aerobics class participants and also the basketball players must all sign a liability waiver. 

11.             2005 General Budget and Capital Budget:  Beth asked Ken if the budget was completed.  Ken stated that he has not had a chance to work on the capital budget but the regular budget has been submitted to Finance.   



New Business

1.                  Soccer – Enlarging the Field:  Beth stated that Tom Witt approached her about Rich Grubb’s proposal to enlarge the soccer fields.  Rich stated that some people on his team expressed the desire to increase the field 10 feet on each side.  Beth stated that this can be done without affecting the grading, she advised that this would be fine and Rich stated that he will discuss this with Tom Witt.  Beth then recommended that one field provide movable goals so the field could be a regulation sized lacrosse field.  Ken stated that portable goals are more of a liability and the goals in place are permanent. 

2.                  Golden Agers:  Edith stated that they had their Christmas party at Giovi’s.  They also held a theater party at the Wayne Manor in Wayne, NJ and reported that this was a huge success.  There are no scheduled activities for January.  Rose stated that a trip to Sight and Sound is being considered for May and a trip to Hunterdon Hills is also being considered.  Beth recommended the Andy Wyeth Museum in Pennsylvania for a trip or the Christmas exhibit at Longwood Gardens but Rose stated that the seniors would not be interested in this type of trip because some people are unable to get around easily. 

3.                  Senior Fellowship:  Rose stated that their Christmas party was held on December 14th.   

4.                  Park Update:  Beth stated that they toured all the parks and there are numerous maintenance issues.  This information was passed on to Tom Witt.   Beth stated that hopefully public works can hire an extra person to assist or perhaps the town could hire teenage interns to work on some of the smaller tasks.    

5.                  2005 Recreation Board Schedule:  Beth handed out copies of the 2005 meeting schedule to board members.

6.                  Public Works Thank You Lunches:  Beth asked Ken if there was enough money in the budget to provide lunch for the public works staff.  Ken advised that there was enough money and this could be done.  The Board voted unanimously to provide lunch for the Public Works employees. 

7.                  Recreation Commission Members:  Beth stated that Keith is being moved from a regular member to an alternate and Bob is being made a regular member since Keith has difficulty attending our meetings.


The next meeting is scheduled for January 27, 2005. 


Motion was made by Edith and Rose seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,




Kerry A. Philip

Recording Secretary