Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  8/26/04


Attendance:  Gene Buckley, Rich Grubb, Edith Dlugokencki, Beth Veghte, Art Wasson (8:45), Ken Jacobs, Kerry A. Philip.


Also in attendance:  Tom Panconi, Township Committeeman; Sarah Winkelman, Cranbury Press.


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.


Review Minutes:

April 22, 2004 – Postponed to next meeting.

June 24, 2004 – Postponed to next meeting.


Old Business:

1.                  Skate Park Idea Session:  Gene Buckley, Jr.; Luke Brunskill; Pat Long; Jonathan Naylor; Kyle Walsh; Matthew Long; Tom Walsh; Michael Conover, and; Garrett Riley were in attendance.   G. Buckley, Jr., stated that since making their first presentation over one year ago, they received input from several companies.  He advised that over 200 kids have shown interest in having a skate park in Cranbury.  An informal site plan for the skate park was presented and specific apparatus choices were indicated.  The skaters in attendance recommended two separate sections for skating activities, one with a half pipe and the other with a quarter-half pipe with a street course design.  Beth stated that three sections are proposed for the West Windsor skate park.  Gene Jr. recommended a mix of rollerblading and skate boards.  Beth asked if bikes should be permitted and the overall consensus was that bikes were not recommended since different equipment was needed.  Ken recommended that a subcommittee be formed to determine apparatus ideas and park design.  He recommended the surface “Skatelight” be used, it is very durable and the surface being used by West Windsor for their skate park.  If pavement is considered instead of “Skatelight” then surface water drainage approaches would need to be provided.  Gene Jr. stated that the kids are willing to be involved in the process; Ken recommended that the subcommittee travel to other municipalities to review their skate parks and the designer of the West Windsor skate park could assist with the design of the Cranbury skate park.  Beth recommended that photographs be taken at the other skate parks.   Gene stated that they anticipate the total cost to be $150,000.   The Board was asked if the park would be lighted and Beth advised that lighting is not anticipated at this time.  M. Long asked if there was any flat land in Cranbury which could be considered for the skate park and Beth stated that the West property may be considered since it is across from the soccer fields.  Beth asked if the park would be supervised and Ken advised that supervision will not be provided since it would be considered a liability and the insurance rates would be greater.  Beth recommended monitoring by the police.  She stated that a specific plan must be determined, after the plan is prepared it must be presented before Township Committee for their approval and then referred to the Planning Board for their approval.  She stated that the Parks and Recreation Element of the Master Plan must be in place because at this time, there is no reference to future park space within the Master Plan.  Ken was asked to e-mail the skaters in attendance and set up a meeting to discuss the park plans.  Beth advised that a preliminary plan is needed before the capital budget process begins; they are scheduled to begin review of the capital budget in two months.  T. Panconi, Township Committeeman, stated that he is in favor of the formation of a subcommittee with Ken’s guidance.  The designer of the West Windsor skate park could provide some ideas on the design of the Cranbury skate park so the design would not be in conflict with the skate parks in surrounding municipalities. 

2.                  Needs Assessment – Community Census:

Beth presented the draft census and stated that skate park questions will be included.  Gene stated that he did not recommend Yes or No responses but a scale of 1-5 indicating that it is very important (1) to not important (5).  Gene stated that he will work with Beth on finalizing the needs assessment; Beth stated that the deadline date is September 15th.   T. Panconi asked if the assessment questions only relate to recreational activities and Beth stated that they will include all areas of concern.  T. Panconi recommended a question relating to the ease of getting to the polls.   

3.                  Senior Assessment:   feedback

Beth stated 30 responses were forwarded to Township Committee in July and she made a presentation to the Committee. 

4.                  Bike Path:  Beth advised that Keith Vincelette presented his proposal to the Township Committee.  He was asked to do more research on bike paths in New Jersey.  She advised that Keith will be making his second presentation on September 13th.   

5.                  Cranbury Day:  Ken stated that a star walk and a giant slide will be on site that day and that Yosi is scheduled to perform at 11:30 am.  The activities are scheduled to begin at 9:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. 

6.                  Fall Golf and Soccer:  Ken stated that the Golf program, which is a four week program, is scheduled to begin on September 21st and flyers are being prepared.  Rich stated that approximately 20 registrations have been received for the Soccer program; he anticipates a total of 30 registrants.  The soccer program begins on September 11th.  He also advised that a program for over 30 and 40 year olds is also beginning in September. 

7.                  Millstone Field:  Rich stated that the soccer goals have been removed.  Beth stated that the fields are in good shape, they are still being used but participants are being asked to provide their own cones.  Beth stated that Mr. Schwartz will determine how many fields they will need and when this is known, she will provide the information to Tom Witt.

8.                  Concert/Movie Series Recap:  Beth stated that the children’s concert had a good turnout but no one attended the adult concert.  Ken recommended signage about the series next year.  Beth recommended a banner or poster listing all the events and dates.  She advised that the information will also be included in the newsletter.  Sarah Winkelman was introduced and she stated that she is the new social editor for Cranbury Press and asked to be advised of all upcoming events. 

9.                  Babe Ruth Field:  Beth stated that Brown and Keener is scheduled to make a presentation before Township Committee on September 20th.  She asked about the current status of the water line to irrigate the fields.  T. Panconi stated that it may take time to finalize everything but they are working on this.  He advised that the water line should be in place by mid-September. 



1.                  Golden Agers:  Edith stated that the Golden Agers had a luncheon at the Prestige Diner and 40 people were in attendance.  She advised that she received a call from a resident of the Four Seasons who expressed interest in joining the Golden Agers.    

2.                  Senior Fellowship:   Beth stated that there are presently 12 exercise sessions, one additional class had been requested and she advised that the cost for each class is $40, and the total cost will be $480.  She asked if $480 can be taken from the trust to cover the additional session until December.  Motion was made by Gene and Rich seconded the motion to approve withdraw $480 from the trust.  The vote was 5-0 in favor.  Motion carried.

3.                  New Recreation Secretaries:  Beth stated that two new secretaries, Dori and Debbie, have been hired for the Recreation Department.  Ken was asked to set up computer training for them.  Beth requested that all mail received for the Recreation Department must be opened and stamped when received, she requested this because there was unopened mail in the Recreation box.  

4.                  Part Time Recreation Director:  Beth stated that a part-time Recreation Supervisor is being considered when Ken is not in town.  It was recommended that the supervisor be titled “Program Supervisor”.  Ken stated that he will work on this.

5.                  New Park Ordinances:  Beth stated that a second reading of the draft ordinances is scheduled for August 30th.  The ordinances will include the rules and description of the Parks Commission.  Beth recommended that the rules be printed on the backs of the permit forms. 

6.                  Temporary Fields:  Beth stated that she attended the Planning Board meeting and requested temporary field space, she advised that she recommended Heritage Park.  She stated that the Township Committee and School Board must determine the best location for a temporary field prior to Planning Board and Township Committee review.   

7.                  Parks and Recreation Master Plan:  Beth stated that the Recreation element of the Master Plan is being reviewed at this time. 

8.                  Donation to Methodist Church:  Beth asked if we should donate money to the church for their past assistance as a back up location for the concert/movie series or camp since they were very helpful this summer.  Motion was made by Rich and Edith seconded the motion to donate $100 to the Methodist Church.  The vote was 5-0 in favor.  Motion carried.

9.                  Four Seasons Activities:  Beth stated that Four Seasons offers many activities for seniors but anyone from the community can attend.  A Health Fair which is a free program for seniors is scheduled for September 12th, flu shots will not be offered.  Beth stated that she would like this information to be made available to the seniors and asked Edith to phone the Golden Agers to advise of the Health Fair.  Beth stated that the Four Seasons has a newsletter and distributed a copy to the Board for review; they also have a pool with a life guard and asked if summer campers may be able to use the pool.  Ken was asked to contact a representative of the Four Seasons about using the pool for the summer campers in 2005 and advise of his findings at the next meeting.

10.             Other Business:

Janitorial Charges:  Edith passed on her thanks to Beth to her help on eliminating the $30 monthly expense for janitorial service.  She advised that the Golden Agers secretary received a check covering past payments.  Ken advised that the Recreation Department was charged $75/day for janitorial service for the summer campers to use the gym; he paid the bill but asked if Township Committee should pressure the school board to reduce or eliminate the charge completely since it is a program for the Township.  

New Gym:  Beth stated that keys to open doors in order to lower the nets were provided to two custodians and recommended that additional keys be made available.   The custodians were unwilling to raise the nets for the next user of the gym making it a very difficult situation. 


Next Meeting:  September 23, 2004


Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Kerry A. Philip

Recording Secretary