Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  4/22/04



Attendance:  Mario Fiorentini, Edith Dlugokencki, Bob O’Meara, Beth Veghte, Art Wasson, Ken Jacobs, Kerry A. Philip.


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.


Review Minutes:

2/26/04 – Postponed to next meeting.

3/25/04 – The minutes from 3/25/04 were approved by a motion made by Mario Fiorentini and seconded by Rose Siconolfi.  The vote was 4-0 in favor.  Motion Carried.


Old Business:

1.                  Needs Assessment – Community Wide:

Beth stated that the following categories will be included on the needs assessment:  dog parks and a community garden.  Beth also stated that she has contacted different groups about fund raising approaches for the Movies in the Park and snacks.     

2.                  Senior Assessment:  

Beth stated that the senior assessment form was placed on the opposite side of the census page and there are some other minor problems with the document.  It would have been preferred if all questions were on one page.  Beth formally thanked Rose for her assistance is preparing the assessment.

3.                  Health Ordinance:

Beth stated that Cathy Wasson was going to prepare a legal summary, but it has been determined that the Township attorney will be preparing a new ordinance and it will include all park rules.  The permit is also to be revised.

4.                  Skate Park:  No discussion took place.

5.                  Bike Path:  Beth advised that the Parks Commission approved the proposed bike path, she stated that she asked Keith to make sure a chipper is used for the debris, to keep the area be kept as natural as possible and just to do the phase I improvements.  Ken stated that Phase II is close to the lake and the Township must make sure that the bike path does not intrude into the wetlands.  Beth stated that the Township will go to the NJDEP for verification of the wetlands.  Ken also advised that the Township must review the final proposal to ensure that the improvements are not within the right-of-way (ROW). 

6.                  Millstone Field:

Bob stated that there is a problem with use of the playing fields at Millstone Park, scheduling of the field should be in priority order (i.e. township life skills residents and township youth groups).  Bob stated that the life skills group attempted to use the field but three teams from East Windsor PAL were using the field for practice.  Ken stated that enforcement is the only way to take care of this, the police should receive a copy of all the permits issued for park usage and he will ask Karen Johnson (Rec. Secretary) to make sure copies are provided to the police and public works department.   Ken was asked to prepare a list of contact persons for all permits issued for Millstone Field and the West property.   Mario recommended calling the police when there is an infraction of field usage.  Beth stated that she will call Vinnie about field usage for practice and Ken was instructed to send a letter to EW Pal to advise that game fields are not to be used for practice at any time.   Bob also advised that there are bare spots in Millstone and asked when the fields would be seeded and Beth stated that the fields should have been seeded and she will check into this.

7.                  Camp:  Beth stated that the School Board has advised that we should not route the forms to the schools because it is not an appropriate use of staff time.  Ken stated that flyers are provided to each school just so they are available to students who are interested in participating.  Beth advised that the cost to hold camp at the School will be $75/day totaling $2600 and the Township did not budget for this.  Ken stated that it is unheard of to charge a municipality to use the school during the summer.  Ken also advised that he received a quote to reserve space and use the Village Park for school field days at a cost of $2600. 

8.                  Cranbury Hoops:

Beth stated that two more sessions are scheduled for the high school program, on June 3rd the summer Cranbury Hoops program will begin.  The Men’s team meets Tuesday nights and the Travel team meets on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

9.                  Concert/Movie Series:

Ken was asked to finalize the concert schedule and then provided a list of movies available to show in the Park.   After reading the list it was determined that the following movies should be presented:

Bride of Frankenstein

Best in Show

Galaxy Quest

10.             T-Ball:

Beth stated that 40 children are registered for the program which began last evening.  T-shirts will be provided to the participants and Ken stated that he will provide Beth with the name of the T-shirt supplier that West Windsor uses because the shirts are better quality and the cost may be less. 

11.             Golf:  No discussion took place.

12.             Heritage Park:  Beth stated that the Parks Commission approved  two curbcuts, no screening will be proposed for the residents bordering the park.  




1.                  Golden Agers:  Edith stated that a trip to Hunterdon Hills is scheduled for next Tuesday.  They have been having problems getting 40 people to sign up and are considering an elimination of these trips.  Rose stated that she has reached out to many adjacent municipalities but they can’t get the needed numbers.  Edith stated that the group is very small, $12.50 will be charged for each empty seat at the theater.  Beth advised that they should put a hold on future trips until the new adult community (Four Seasons) is constructed.  Rose then provided information about the senior club programs and fees offered in surrounding municipalities.   Rose also advised that she contacted the Cranbury Press about a write up to get more members.

2.                  Senior Fellowship:  Rose stated that the Seniors have expressed interest in having a second exercise class (one is scheduled on Thursdays) but when they approached the municipality for a room, the staff responded that the seniors don’t really want to participate in a class like that.  Rose stated that there are 30 participants in the exercise class scheduled on Thursdays.   Beth stated that if a second class is envisioned, there may be a slight fee since the Township pays for the first class and she asked Rose to approach the seniors to find out if they have any opposition to paying a fee. 

3.                  Park Update:  Beth advised that she met with Lisa McPherson about park rules and making the Parks an actual Committee.

4.                  Other Business:

Park signage:  Beth stated with she spoke with the Parks Commission about recommended approaches when games are called due to inclement weather.  She received approval to posting signs advising when games are cancelled and advised that she will be contacting Tom Witt about ordering the signs. 


Next Meeting:  May 27, 2004


Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Kerry A. Philip

Recording Secretary