Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  3/25/04



Attendance:  Art Wasson, Gene Buckley, Mario Fiorentini, Rich Grubb, Edith Dlugokencki, (8:45), Beth Veghte, Ken Jacobs, Kerry A. Philip.


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.


Review Minutes:

9/25/03 – The minutes from 9/25/03 were approved as amended by a motion made by Mario Fiorentini and seconded by Gene Buckley.  The vote was 4-0 in favor.  Motion Carried.

10/25/03 – The minutes from 10/25/03 were approved by a motion made by Gene Buckley and seconded by Edith Dlugokencki.  The vote was 4-0 in favor.  Motion Carried.

12/19/03 – The minutes from 12/19/03 were approved by a motion made by Rich Grubb and seconded by Mario Fiorentini.  The vote was 5-0 in favor.   Motion Carried. 


Old Business:

1.                  Needs Assessment – Community Wide:

Beth handed out copies of the draft assessment entitled “Cranbury Community Assessment”, she stated that she sent one to John Persico for Cranbury Preserve responses.  Beth stated that all residents should be provided with a copy of this form.  Gene recommended a scale system of 1-5 instead of yes and no answers for the responses to determine the amount of need.  Mario suggested residents be asked if they think there are enough little league fields in the community.  Beth asked Board members if they could advise if there are more areas to be considered. 

2.                  Senior Assessment:  

Beth handed out copies of the Senior Assessment and stated that the assessment will be included in the newsletter.  All seniors are encouraged to fill the form out and if they can’t bring the forms to the township building then perhaps we can make some attempt to pick them up.  

3.                  Facilities Inventory:  Postponed

4.                  Health Ordinance:

Beth stated that an ordinance has recently been approved by the Health Board prohibiting the cooking and cutting up of pig in the park.  The specific wording for the permits must be determined and then revised permits should be ordered.

5.                  Skate Park:

Gene stated that the Township budget meeting was held on Monday and the skate park proposal was not approved.  In previous years there was room for debate on choices that had to be made but unfortunately this year the Township Committee stated that they had so little money they did not have the preliminary meetings on budgeting.  Beth recommended that the kids interested in having a skate park in town should be invited to a meeting and she asked if they could they provide information about pieces that they want in the skate park.  They could also be asked to sign a petition indicating their names and ages and attach the petition to documentation about the skate park.  Gene stated that he was given the impression that this will be an item for a Master Plan discussion.  Beth recommended that before school is out for the summer, a flyer should be routed to the kids advising that anyone interested in having a say should attend the meeting.  Beth asked Ken to check into grant monies for a skate park.

6.                  Hay Barn:

Beth stated that she has nothing new to report, the barn has not been disassembled yet.  At this time the question is the use and the final placement.

7.                  Bike Path Presentation – Keith Vincelette:

Keith handed out a copy of his presentation and stated that the plan has been revised to another location, they moved the bike path from the West property to Village Park where there is more room and more contours for a natural course.  The bike path is proposed to be between Dirt Mountain and Route 130.  He stated that the main use of the bike path will be for mountain biking, ATV’s or motorcycles should not be on the path since small humps along the path are proposed.  


Composition of the trail – all dirt, a mix of clay and silt loam.   Erosion controls involve chilling which is leaving the residue of crop to retain the root network and the silt loam also packs down harder than sand or dirt.  Six (6) humps are proposed in two phases, one for older kids and one for younger children. 


Safety Rules – Keith stated that a fence along Route 130 is needed to prevent pedestrians from walking into the bike path.  All riders must wear a helmet, no matter the age.  Motorized vehicles will not be allowed on path.  All bike riding will be done in a clockwise rotation.  Signage will be prepared indicating the rules, biking etiquette and medical instruction.


Cost – Keith stated that since this is his Eagle Scout project, he will arrange all the fund raising efforts.   Mario asked about the cost of installing a fence and Keith stated that additional monies are needed for the fence and he did not budget for this.  Mario stated that he wanted to see this done. 


Maintenance – Keith stated that everyone riding on the path will help maintain the path.  The width of the path will be 10 feet and six humps are proposed.  A straight path is envisioned along the Route 130 corridor to be used by the older kids, a straight path so they can gain speed with four humps for jumping. 


Ken stated that the bike path is in close proximity to the lake and advised that there may be environmental constraints.  Ken asked if wetlands are on site and several Board members expressed the opinion that were none.  Ken recommended that the Township Engineer review the plan and determine if they are setback enough from Route 130 and not within the ROW.  Keith stated that he would like to get the project started this summer.  Beth stated that she will find out the schedule for the Environmental Commission so Keith can make his presentation to that board.   Gene asked if anyone has discussed this proposal with the Parks Commission and Beth stated that she briefly spoke with them and will bring them up to date.

8.                  Cranbury Hoops:

Beth stated that the high school program will continue until April.  There are 133 registrants in the program.  Beth stated that she reserved four nights in the summer time for the Travel Basketball team. 

9.                  Camp:

Ken stated that he is unsure what type of screening will be done for the employees, a background check is required but after review of the employee manual, it notes that only employees handling large machinery are required to take a drug test.  Ken was requested to speak with Fred and provide a report at the next meeting.  Ken was asked if money was set aside in the budget to do background checks and Ken stated that he will check into this.


Ken stated that summer camp is for seven weeks at the school, for the eighth week a Travel Camp will be arranged because the school will be closed for cleaning.  Registration is scheduled to begin April 1st, the old gym and some rooms surrounding the gym are reserved for the camp.  They will soon begin their interview process.  A sports camp (i.e. basketball) is also envisioned.  The flyer for the summer camp has been prepared. 

10.             Concert/Movie Series:

Ken was asked to provide the schedule of the concerts:

June 17 – Presbyterian Brass; July 1 – movie; July 5 – fireworks and concert; July 15 – concert; July 22 – movie; July 29 – concert; August 5 – movie; August 12 – Peanut Butter & Jam.  Ken stated that he is working on the groups that will play for the concert nights, Beth recommended a swing band. 

11.             Tim Brennan’s Letter to Counselor’s Mother:

Ken stated that he will get a copy of the letter printed up for review.

12.             Millstone Field:  No discussion took place.

13.             Permit:  Ken stated that he will provide Susan with a copy of the permit that West Windsor uses so new permits can be ordered.  

14.             Tee Ball:  Beth stated that 42 kids registered for the class which begins April 28th. 

15.             Golf::   Beth stated that the golf program begins at the end of April.  Ken stated that the program is filled up and more teachers are needed or perhaps the number of registrants should be reduced since there are only two instructors for 40 kids. 



1.                  Golden Agers:

Edith was asked if the Golden Agers get charged anything to use the room on Saturdays and she advised that $30 is charged for the janitor.  Beth stated that she was told that they weren’t paying anything to the school, since Edith was unsure who the check is made payable to, Beth stated that she will check on this.  Edith stated that they are planning a trip on April 27th to Hunterdon Hills to see a play.  They also had a luncheon at the Prestige Diner.

2.                  Senior Fellowship:  Postponed

3.                  Field Usage:

Beth introduced Steven Schwartz, team coach for one of the Cranbury Soccer Clubs, and stated that he phoned her with some concerns.  Mr. Schwartz stated that his team plays at Millstone Park and there has been an increased use in this location, primarily his largest concern is on Sundays.  On Sundays, an East Windsor adult team has been using the field to play a game.  Last week there were many groups using the field, and this week the field has been rotated 90 degrees to let the other field rest.  Mr. Schwartz asked if we could monitor or regulate field use, he suggested one field to be used only for games or requiring permission to use the field.  Beth stated that it is Green Acres land, Ken stated that we can limit field use to permit only.  Beth stated that signage should be posted indicating that the fields are closed for reconditioning.  Ken suggested signage indicating use of the fields are by permit only.  If this approach is taken, someone should be there to monitor the activity.  Beth felt it is difficult to regulate the games being played on a field if it is in a public park and Ken stated that a rule can be made that when our soccer groups are not using the facilities then the fields must be rested.  He stated that when the fields are preserved with Green Acre funding, the municipality is permitted to take fields off line for resting.  Ken recommended a change to the ordinance in order to reflect this and Ken stated that a fee can be charged to use a field.  Ken stated that we should check the ordinance to see if this is covered and if not covered then draft an ordinance. 


4.                  Field Usage – Inclement Weather:

Beth asked Rich the process of advising when the fields will be closed due to the weather, Rich stated that he will work on setting up a system.  Signage indicating that the park is closed due to weather is needed.   Beth stated that she will ask Tom Witt to order the signage. 

5.                  Park Update:  Beth stated that the draft ordinance is being reviewed.

6.                  Other Business:

·        Camp Out – Beth stated that a camp out may be a fun activity in the summer time and Ken was asked if he would consider setting up a camp out night.  Ken stated that he could set this up. 


·        Tim Brennan – Ken stated that Tim wrote him a letter expressing that he is drastically underpaid.  Ken stated that he has been here a long time and has handled a lot of things and recommended paying him a salary and not an hourly wage.  In addition he has never clocked in his time in the before camp program.  Ken stated that they discussed salary and he would be satisfied with $6,000 for the summer.   


Next Meeting:  April 22, 2004


Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Kerry A. Philip

Recording Secretary