Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  10-25-07


Attendance: Bob O’Meara, Mario Fiorentini, Ken Jacobs, Michele Harcher, Jane Helstrom, Beth Veghte, Rose Siconolfi, Ed Sekelsky and Gene Buckley


Guest:  Vinnie Kotowski


The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m.


Review of Minutes

10-04-2007 – The minutes from 10-04-07 were approved as amended by a motion made by Mario Fiorentini and seconded by Bob O’Meara.  All in favor.  Motion carried.





1.  Priority List

Bob put together a fee structure for soccer only.  Beth asked Bob to add baseball and softball to the fee structure for the next meeting.


2.  Gym Scheduling

Beth asked Bob about the letter he was supposed to write to the school board about gym scheduling.  Bob stated he did not write the letter to the school board and that everything was worked out for now.


3.  Cranbury Hoops

Beth stated that hoops will begin November 30th, and she asked Jane to put some dates together for her clinics.


4.  Cranbury Recreation Codes

Beth suggested that a sub committee be formed to hash out the codes.  Gene and Ed suggested instead of forming a committee, we should all look at West Windsor’s code and go by that.  Beth asked Michele to email the West Windsor code to everyone.





1.  Vinnie Kotowski

Vinnie stated that the soccer clubs have only two teams playing in the fall.  He stated that there will be three teams in the spring, all girl teams and possibly a fourth team.


2.  Golden Agers

Rose reported that there were 44 people for the trip on 11-7-07 that signed up.  Rose also stated that she did not attend the last Golden Agers meeting.


3.  Senior Fellowship

Rose reported that they went on a boat ride at the canal and that eight people went.  The senior fellowship will be having there Halloween party next week and that children are scheduled to be there.




4.  Other

Beth asked Bob to attend the school board meeting and bring up the subject of gym scheduling.


The next meeting is on December 13, 2007. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Michele Harcher

Recording Secretary