Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  10-04-07


Attendance: Edith Dlugokencki, Rich Grubb, Bob O’Meara, Mario Fiorentini, Ken Jacobs, Michele Harcher, Jane Helstrom, Beth Veghte, Rose Siconolfi and Gene Buckley


Guest:  Tim Brennan


The meeting was called to order at 7:12 p.m.


Review of Minutes

04-26-07 – The minutes from 4-26-07 were approved as amended b y a motion made by Mario Fiorentini and seconded by Bob O’Meara.  All in favor.  Motion carried.


05-24-07 - The minutes from 5-24-07 were approved as amended b y a motion made by Mario Fiorentini and seconded by Gene Buckley.  All in favor.  Motion carried.


06-28-07 – The minutes from 6-28-07 were approved as amended b y a motion made by Mario Fiorentini and seconded by Rich Grubb.  All in favor.  Motion carried.


08-23-07 - The minutes from 8-23-07 were approved as amended b y a motion made by Bob O’Meara and seconded by Edith Dlugokencki.  All in favor.  Motion carried.





1.  Priority List

Bob O’Meara drafted a fee schedule for the fields.  Ken suggested that there should be an adult fee and child fee.  Everyone agreed on the changes, Bob will make the changes for our next meeting.


2.  Budget

Ken drafted the budget for recreation.  The commission made some minor changes to the proposed budget.  Ken stated he will make the changes and submit the budget to Finance.


3.  Family Camp Out

Ken reported that sixty one families that attended the camp out.  Beth stated that there was only one noise complaint, and the event went very well, Beth thanked all who helped make the event a great success.


4.  Senior Fall Programs

Beth reported that we have two current programs.  The senior trip on November 7, 2007 and that the Tia Chi will continue every Tuesday.


5.  Gym Scheduling

Bob O’Meara reported that he has had some trouble with scheduling gym time due to some miscommunication with the school.  Bob stated that the travel basketball program is having problems getting gym time because of the soccer clubs.  Beth suggested that a letter should be drafted to the principal of school with the commission’s concerns about the current handling of the gym scheduling.








1.  Cranbury Hoops

Beth stated because of her current work schedule she would not be able to run the Hoop program this year.  The commission agreed that we need to find someone to run the program.  Ken will email Christine Smeltzer requesting that we hire a part time person to run the program.  Michele told Ken that the residents are asking about the Hoops program and asked him to put the registration forms together.


2.   Cranbury Recreation Codes

Beth asked the commission to review the codes and it will be discussed at our next meeting.


3.  PTO Fundraiser

Beth stated the PTO has asked her if the commission would be interested in donating a week of camp for the silent auction that they will be having.  The commission agreed and the week will be donated.


4.  Golden Agers

Rose stated that they are planning the Christmas Party for December 18th.  Rose also stated the Golden Agers who attended the opening of the Senior Center loved it.  Rose suggested that a mailing should go out to the senior regarding the events planned for the seniors.


5.  Senior Fellowship

Rose state they are also planning there Christmas Party for December 11th.


6.  Other

Tim Brennan reported that Summer Camp went very well this year.  Tim stated that staff changes are necessary for next year.  We will need to fill the sports and arts director’s positions.  Tim also said that most of the trips for next year are reserved and that they will be returning the Liberty Science Center.  The commission suggested that the counselors receive some first aid and CPR training.  Tim suggested that we use the person who trains at his school.  The commission also agreed that the Summer Camp and Little People fees be raised for next year.



The next meeting is on October 25, 2007. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Michele Harcher

Recording Secretary