Cranbury Recreation Commission

Minutes:  02-23-06


Attendance:  Beth Veghte, Ken Jacobs, Bob O’Meara, Michele Harcher,  Richard Grubb, Gene Buckley, Jane Helstrom and Mario Fiorentini, Vinnie Kotowski, UK Elite, Connie Bauder


The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m.


Review of Minutes:

12-15-05 – The minutes from 12-15-05 were approved as amended by a motion made by Rich Grubb and seconded by Gene Buckley.  The vote was 3-0 in favor.  Motion carried.




1.  Battle of the Bands

Mario brought a draft of the registration that Chris put together.  It was decided to add a few items to the registration.  Mario also brought a copy of the poster that will be used for advertising the event.  It was suggested that the winner of the West Windsor Battle of the Bands be invited to participate it our Battle of the Bands.


2.  Soccer: UK Elite

Andy Broadbent and Andy gave a presentation to the commission.  They would like to run a summer camp for a week in Cranbury.  We also talked to them about running the spring and fall recreation program. We agreed to run the summer program and also agreed to have them run the spring and fall programs for us.  The spring program will be held at Heritage Park on Thursday’s from 4:00-6:00.  The 4:00 -5:00 will be for ages 4-6 and 5:00-6:00 will be for ages 7-11.


3.  Gym Usage

Next Meeting.


4.  Policy: Field Closing & Maintenance

Next Meeting.


5.  Millstone Fields

It was agreed upon by everyone that there will be one soccer field and one practice field this spring at Millstone.  The remaining youth soccer teams would have their practice schedules at Heritage and Village Parks.


7.  Additional practice fields

Next Meeting.


8.  Bike Path

Beth did a draft of what the sign should read.  Everyone agreed with what Beth suggested.


9.  90’ Baseball Field

The plans were reviewed by the commission. 


10.  Computer Program Adjustments

Ken will pass on new reports, discount and youth small shirt changes to Jane Feldman.


11.  Needs Assessment – March

Next Meeting


12.  Movie Mogul – March

Next Meeting


13.  Skate Park

Next Meeting




1.  John Bell – Kinsey Assoc.

Rescheduled for March


2.  Cranbury Soccer Club Report

Vinnie Kotowski gave a presentation to the Board for this year’s use of the fields.  Vinnie brought copies of the Soccer Clubs rosters, and a breakdown of how many Cranbury residents are on the teams. Vinnie stated that the club was more then willing to work with the other clubs so everyone could use the fields. Vinnie said that he would be happy to talk to the board of the Cranbury Soccer Club about possibly donating some funds to the Recreation Department for use of the fields.


3.  Camp Registration Forms

Ken and Michele will be working on these this week to get them out.


4.  Golden Agers

Next Meeting.


5.  Senior Fellowship

Connie Bauder has asked the commission to give the Senior Fellowship more funds for the exercise classes.  Connie is concerned that if there are no more funds given to the seniors they will not be able to have 2 days of exercise.  Connie is not sure what kinds of monies will be given to the Fellowship by the church. Beth told Connie that the commission already has this year’s budget completed and will look into seeing what Recreation can do to help.


6.  Newsletter

Michele will find out from Linda Scott when the deadline is for the Spring newsletter.


7.  Replacement for Keith

Bob O’Meara suggested Ed Skelsky for Keith’s replacement.  It will be discussed further at the next meeting.


8.  Park Update

Next Meeting.


9. Other

Nothing to report.


The meeting adjourned at 11:10 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2006. 


Respectfully submitted,



Michele Harcher

Recording Secretary