Unami Woods and Cranbury Brook Preserve South

Unami Woods is located on Wynnewood Drive, off of Cranbury Neck Road, just west of South Main Street.  Map.   

Cranbury Brook Preserve South is located adjacent to and east of Unami Woods and consists of the lowlands along Cranbury Brook.

Unami Woods can be reached by entering Wynnewood Drive from Cranbury Neck Road.  The Woods are accessible on foot, through the Cranbury Brook Preserve located off Main Street, by the pump house road behind the Cranbury Firehouse, and by vehicle from Wynnewood Drive.  Vehicles may be parked on Wynnewood Drive or on South Main Street.

Cranbury Brook Preserve South is accessible from South Main Street by taking the gravel road behind the Firehouse to the pump house or from a path between 16 and 18 Wynnewood Drive.

Unami Woods is 2.75 acres of wooded, natural land.  Cranbury Brook Preserve South is 15 acres.

Rough walking trails meander through the stream corridor along the Cranbury Brook providing visitors the opportunity for bird watching, nature appreciation and observation of wildlife.  There is a ridgeline on Unami Woods that runs parallel to the brook from which one can observe Cranbury Brook and the extensive preserved farmlands to the north and west that brings back images of Cranbury as an agricultural community.

Cranbury Brook Preserve South comprises a roadway to the sewer pump house from South Main Street and considerable wetlands to the right of the road and south of Cranbury Brook.  A path connects this roadway to Wynnewood Drive.

There are no restrooms.

No reservations required.

Unami Woods borders an area of the Cranbury Brook Preserve and is a habitat to a large variety of birds, small animals and deer.  Some footpath trails exist into and through the woods, but it is intentionally left rugged and untended in most areas.  Due to its natural and rugged nature, park visitors should be very careful in traversing this area.

The Woods were purchased in 1966 by the Township, with assistance from Green Acres funding.  The Woods at Wynnewood received their official name, Unami, which means “people down the river” in 1968.  The Unami were part of the Lenni-Lenapi group who hunted in this area over 300 years ago, and camped where Cedar Brook and Cranbury Brook meet.  More.

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