Shadow Oaks Stream Corridor


The Shadow Oaks stream corridor is located along and north of the Millstone River and south of Old Trenton Road, behind the homes on Washington Drive.  Map 


Turn onto Washington Drive from Old Trenton Road across from the entrance and parking area for Millstone Park.  The corridor is behind the homes on the south side of Washington Drive.  Parking is available on Washington Drive.  There are five public easements located on top of drainage easements denoted by catch basins at numbers 2, 16, 24, 28, and 36 Washington Drive.    Visitors should be careful not to trespass on homeowners’ property when using the easements.

The Shadow Oaks corridor consists of 46.6 acres.


This area provides over 40 acres of undeveloped open space for exploring nature and wildlife along the Millstone River.  The area is a habitat for a large variety of birds, small animal, deer and occasionally foxes.  There is a large open area in the middle of the corridor. There is also fishing along the Millstone River.  Due to its natural and rugged nature, visitors should be very careful in traversing this area.
There are no man-made trails.  There are brambles and wetlands in this area making walking difficult.

There are no restrooms.

No reservations are required.

The developer of the Shadow Oaks subdivision dedicated this land to the township in 1986.  More. 

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