Reinhardt Preserve


The Reinhardt Preserve is located along and to the north of Plainsboro Road, west of the Village, about one half mile from the Plainsboro border.


There is a small gravel parking lot on the southeast portion of the land, just before the curve on Plainsboro Road heading west.


The Reinhardt Preserve consists of 61 acres of unimproved open space with a large wooded area.


This area offers open space with extensive wetlands, natural vegetation, vernal pools and wildlife, hiking, bird watching and the enjoyment of nature.  There are no designated walking trails.  A trail is planned.  Depending on the season, walking can be challenging.  Environmentally sensitive areas such as these should be respected.

There are no restrooms.


No reservations are required.


The Reinhardt property was permanently preserved in May 2011 under the Middlesex County Open Space Trust Fund.  The Reinhardt family formerly owned a family dairy and vegetable farm across the street, which has been put in farmland preservation.  All of the farms on Plainsboro Road have now been preserved, creating a contiguous vista of more than 500 preserved acres along that roadway from Cranbury to Plainsboro.

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