Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Cranbury Parks and Open Spaces

Cranbury is proud of its 11 parks and open space properties, which comprise well over 230 acres located west of U.S. Route 130.  The first park, Memorial Park, was dedicated over 60 years ago in 1949 to honor our World War I and World War II veterans.  Village Park, nestled on 19 acres along Brainerd Lake, was first dedicated in 1964 and provides a wide array of recreational facilities.  Cranbury currently has five unimproved parcels totaling over 175 acres that provide views of nature and/or adjacent farmland linking Cranbury to its agricultural roots and allowing its residents to explore nature along its stream corridors.

The accompanying summary lists each of the 11 parks/open spaces and the features available at each site. By clicking on each park/open space below, you will see a more detailed version of the site’s location, how to get there, where you may park, and the site’s history and features.  For most of these sites, you may also then click onto a map and description of the property from Cranbury’s 2007 Open Space and Recreation Plan Element of the Master Plan. 

We hope you enjoy Cranbury’s parks and open spaces.  If you have any suggestions to improve this website, please contact the Parks Commission Secretary at (609) 395-0900, Ext. 306.


Barn Park                              
Cranbury Brook Preserve                        
Heritage Park                        
Memorial Park & Brainerd Dam                              
Millstone Park                  
Reinhardt Forest Preserve                            
Shadow Oaks                                
Unami Woods                              
Village Park    
West Fields