Cranbury Brook Preserve


The Preserve is located west of North Main Street, across the street and just north of Brainerd Lake. Map 


The Preserve is accessed via a gravel driveway, located between 1 and 5 North Main Street (just north of Cranbury Brook.)  There are also three pedestrian entrances located along the gravel driveway.  Parking is available at the end of the gravel driveway next to the soccer fields.  No motor vehicles are allowed other than on the gravel driveway and parking lot.


The Preserve contains three parcels, 15.4, 20.3, and 14.31 acres, a total of 50.01 acres of wooded lands and open grasslands.


There are nature trails for walking, bird watching, fishing, cross country skiing and the enjoyment of nature, wildlife and open space.  The Boy Scouts made a trail that runs along Cranbury Brook and has benches that one can use to birdwatch, observe and/or rest.  Cranbury School uses some of the trails for the cross-country team.  There are wildlife and plant identification kiosks at the Main Street entrance and at the corner of the interior grasslands and the main trail. 

A portable restroom is located near the parking lot by the soccer fields.


Camping permitted only in designated areas and with a permit from Cranbury Township Recreation Department.  Permits for campfires submitted to the Fire Official at the Township.  

Reservation Form
Application for Various Fire Permit Uses


The Preserve protects and maintains the Cranbury Brook stream corridor and provides passive recreation space for the community.  Although there are some walking trails cut through a portion of the stream corridor, the preserve is wooded and has been retained in its naturally vegetated state.  The area was acquired by the Township using Green Acres funding with the intention that it be the first piece of an extended Greenway system planned along the entirety of Cranbury Brook.  The parcel was designated for passive recreation and conservation by the Township Committee in 2004.  More

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