Barn Park


Barn Park is located along the south side of Cranbury Neck Road, just west of its intersection with South Main Street. Map.  


Turn onto Cranbury Neck Road from South Main Street.  The park is on the left about 70 yards from South Main Street.  No parking lot. Vehicles may park on Symmes Court, located to the north of the park across Cranbury Neck Road, on South Main Street, or in the parking lot for Heritage Park, located to the east of Barn Park across South Main Street. 

For walking access to the park, there is a sidewalk running through the park connecting Liedtke Drive and Cranbury Neck Road. A crosswalk to this sidewalk is located on Cranbury Neck Road for those walking from the north on Symmes Court.


Barn Park is approximately one acre in size.


Three historic barns stand on the former Updike farm property:

There are no restrooms.

Barn Park is available for activities through the Cranbury Historical and Preservation Society.  Reservations need to be made with the CHPS.

Reservation Form


Barn Park was originally part of the larger Updike farm property, which was deeded to the Township by the developer of Liedtke Drive.  The Township is committed to preserving the barns and intends to maintain them for their historical value, as museums, and to permit public/private use of the barns as well.

The Parsonage barn originally belonged to the Parsonage Plantation, c. 1759, of the First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury.  It was dismantled in 2004 and stored for five years.  In 2010, a foundation was laid and the repaired timbers were re-erected with funding from the Cranbury Historical and Preservation Society, Cranbury Landmarks, Inc., and the Township of Cranbury.  The barn currently stands not far from its original location, where it stood for 230 years. More

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