The regular meeting of the Cranbury Township Planning Board was held at the Cranbury Town Hall Municipal Building, Old School Building, 23-A North Main Street, Cranbury, New Jersey, Middlesex County, on April 19, 2007 at 7:00 p.m




Thomas Harvey, Chairperson, of the Cranbury Township Planning Board, called the meeting to order and acted as the Chairman thereof.




            Pursuant with the Sunshine Law adequate notice in accordance with the open public meeting act was provided of this meeting’s date, time, place and agenda was mailed to the news media, posted on the Township bulletin board, mailed to those requesting personal notice, and filed with the municipal clerk.




Michael Dulin, James, Golubieski, Allan Kehrt, Thomas Panconi, Eugene Speer, Richard Stannard, Dietrich Wahlers, Joan Weidner, Thomas Harvey


Members of Township Committee not listed as Planning Board members:  Pari Stave, Wayne Wittman, David Stout




Carolyn Cummings, Court Reporter; Josette C. Kratz, Secretary; Joseph Stonaker, Esquire; Richard Preiss, P.P.





The Cranbury Planning Board has established a Recreation Master Plan Subcommittee to develop the recreation component of the Township's Master Plan.  To review the results of this subcommittee the Planning Board will hold a joint meeting with the Township Committee for public input concerning recreation facilities throughout the Township, the Joint Meeting will be held on April 19th at 7:00 p.m., at the Cranbury Community Room adjacent to the Cranbury Township Town Hall Building, 23A North Main Street, Cranbury Township, Middlesex County. 


Richard Preiss and Elizabeth Delany of Phillips, Preiss and Shapiro presented the plan.



Mr. Harvey asked if there were any other questions or comments.  He felt this was an extraordinary job, complementing Allen, Liz and all involved.


Mr. Kehrt said he wanted to compliment Richard and Liz, they really did do all the work.  The participation among the committee members was extraordinary.


Mr. Speer asked where we go from here; are there going to be further revisions and bring back to a public hearing.  What is the procedure?


Mr. Preiss said it was in the Planning Board’s hands now.  The purpose of the meeting was to present the draft and it is up to the planning board at this point to direct them to make changes and put it in the form for consideration as adoption as part of the master plan. 


Mr. Speer asked if he could make a motion.  He heard some suggestions and he saw Mr. Preiss make some notes with changes that might be made.  He had a few minor suggestions.  He suggested that Mr. Preiss and the Sub-Committee prepare a revised version based on the comments from tonight and bring it back to the Planning Board and hold the appropriate Master Plan hearing.


Mr. Golubieski seconded the motion.


Ms. Stave said she would like to know whether the ordinance needs to be changed.


Mr. Preiss said that his sense was it could be changed.  The Planning Board would have been ready to make changes if they had this document in their hands and knew that the decision were going to be made as part of a comprehensive plan.


He felt the adoption of that ordinance allowed for those decisions to be made without having to go through a lengthy process, which may delay the decision.  Ultimately if it is the recommendation of the Planning Board that the next field to be developed is the Updike property.  It would be necessary to change that ordinance in order to allow that to happen.  He would say that it does not have to happen but he felt it would be a smart idea to go ahead and make that change in anticipation that it could happen.


Ms. Stave (recording too faint to hear well)


Mr. Stonaker said it was up to the board.  He felt probably that would be a good idea because there would be inconsistencies with the ordinance.

Someone said that this was not part of the discussion.


Mr. Stonaker said you could recommend an ordinance.


Mr. Speer said since we did hesitate to do that, we wanted to get this in place first.


Mr. Whitman asked when we might get this all done.  Would it be done by second quarter of this year? 


Mr. Harvey said presuming it goes ahead; he did not know how long the revision would take.


Mr. Richard said a few weeks.


Mr. Harvey mentioned that there is a notice requirement for Master Plan.  Mr. Stonaker added that there needs to be a public hearing.  Mr. Preiss said probably June would be the appropriate time to have a hearing.  The answer was yes, it could be done.


Mr. Whitman said they could move forward with planning some of these areas.  He did not think that would preclude them from doing that.


Some concurred.


Mr. Whitman said that they did not want to wait two or three months if they have something they need to do.


Mr. Harvey felt they could take this up in June or July.


There were no other comments made and the question was called.





             AYES:      Mr. Golubieski, Mr. Kehrt, Mr. Panconi, Mr. Speer, Mr. Wahlers,  Ms. Weidner, Mr. Harvey

             NAYS:      None

       ABSTAIN:      Mr. Stannard

        ABSENT:      Mr. Dulin









There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the meeting was thereupon adjourned at 9:30 p.m.




                        I, Undersigned, do hereby certify;


                        That I am duly elected and acting secretary of the Cranbury Township Planning Board and, that the foregoing minutes of the Planning Board, held on April 19, 2007, consisting of 4 pages, constitute a true and correct copy of the minutes of the said meeting.


                        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name of said Planning Board this August 2, 2007.




                                                                        Josette C. Kratz, Secretary