The regular meeting of the Cranbury Township Planning Board was held at the Cranbury Town Hall Municipal Building, Old School Building, 23-A North Main Street, Cranbury, New Jersey, Middlesex County, on April 6, 2006 at 7:30 p.m.




            Thomas Harvey, Chairperson, of the Cranbury Township Planning Board, called the meeting to order and acted as the Chairman thereof.




            Pursuant with the Sunshine Law adequate notice according to the open public meeting act was provided of this meeting’s date, time, place and agenda was mailed to the news media, posted on the Township bulletin board, mailed to those requesting personal notice, and filed with the municipal clerk.




Mr. Dreyling, Mr. Golubieski, Mr. Speer, Mr. Stannard, Mr. Stout, Ms. Weidner, Mr. Harvey





Carolyn Cummings, Court Reporter; Josette C. Kratz, Planning Board Secretary; Andrew A. Feranda, Traffic Consultant; Cathleen Marcelli, Township Engineer; Joseph Stonaker, Planning Board Attorney; Richard Preiss, Township Planner.




Upon a motion duly made and seconded the minutes for January 5 & 19, of 2006 were unanimously approved.




PB 082-04       Virginia Neill/Ken Miller

Block 18.07, Lot 47

106-108 South Main Street

Minor Subdivision

Extension of Time


Mr. Golubieski motioned for the approval of the Resolution.  Mr. Speer seconded the motion.




AYES:  Mr. Golubieski, Mr. Speer, Mr. Stannard, Mr. Stout, Ms. Weidner, Mr. Harvey

NAYS: None

ABSTAIN:       None

ABSENT:         Mr. Dreyling, Mr. Kehrt





PB 097-05       Comsleep Properties, LLC (a.k.a. South River Road)

                        Block 6, Lot 5, 6 & 10, RO-LI Zone

                        South River Road

                        Amended Preliminary & Final Site Plan

                        Bulk Variance


Mr. Golubieski motioned for the approval of the Resolution.  Mr. Stannard seconded the motion.




AYES:  Mr. Golubieski, Mr. Speer, Mr. Stannard, Mr. Stout, Ms. Weidner, Mr. Harvey

NAYS: None

ABSTAIN:       None

ABSENT:         Mr. Dreyling, Mr. Kehrt









PB 106-06        Cedar Brook Corporate Center

            Block 25.01, Lots 5

            Proposed 1-Story 3,522 SF Restaurant Preliminary & Final Site Plan and Minor Subdivision to move property line from Lot 4.


Application would be moved to the May 4th meeting. Home News Tribune did not properly publish applicant’s notice. Applicant is required to now re-noticed in newspaper and 200-ft property owners.



PB 050-03       MTL Custom Homes

                        Block 25.01, Lots 84.01, 84.02 & 84.03

                        Dey Road

                        Soil Importation


REPRESENTATIVES: Robert Zullo, Esquire

                                                Gregory Plussos, (spelling)


Amended subdivision to permit import of fill.  Applicant is agreeable to the conditions in Cathleen Marcelli’s report. 


Applicant would like board to consider 1,750 CY of fill without testing.  Ms. Marcelli wants to have testing.  Mr. Plussos said that ten samples have been done on certain stockpile and they must certify that it is from that pile.  Any new soil would have to be tested. 


Ms. Marcelli said that the amount they have so far will cover but if they further down the pile they must do more testing.  They have to certify that is coming from that location.  We have had problems in the past with soil being imported with garbage.


Mr. Stout said they did borings, which he felt was inadequate.  There has been a lot of publicity of contamination issues and was leery importing without adequate testing.   Other board members had the same feelings of reluctance.


Mr. Sibley, Environmental Commission, what happens to soil already imported.


Ms. Marcelli said it was a number of tests per volume of material; any more would have to be tested.


Mr. Golubieski motioned for approval.


1.                   Subject to Engineer’s Report,

2.                   Outside agency approvals.


Ms. Weidner seconded.


Mr. Stout asked where the soil was coming from.  Mr. Zullo said the test results met criteria. Mr. Stout wanted to know origin.  Mr. Zullo said it was the Dow Jones stockpile.  Mr. Stout asked what Dow Jones did on the area where this soil was coming from. 


Ms. Marcelli asked Mr. Stout why does the applicant need to do more sampling.


Mr. Zullo said that it came from an area that they were clearing to make a parking lot.


Mr. Stonaker said that the source of material needs to be certified and if it falls under Category C it has to be amended.  It does not pertain that the applicant than it is not a problem.




AYES:              Mr. Golubieski, Mr. Speer, Mr. Stannard, Mr. Stout, Ms. Weidner, Mr. Harvey

NAYS: None

ABSTAIN:       None

ABSENT:         Mr. Dreyling, Mr. Kehrt










REPRESENTATIVES: Mark Berkowsky, CHA Representatives



Zone change needs to take place.  Mr. Harvey directed Mr. Berkowsky to refer that to the Township Committee.  Mr. Stonaker asked if this was really a mapping change. 


Most of the R-ML Zone is being met, with exceptions: lot depth, front yard setback of 50’ and are at 23’.  There would be 20 units of family houses: 4 1-bedroom, 12 2-bedroom, and 4 3-bedroom.  They are about 60% open.  Height is 30’.  Site is 2.66 ac.  Fence would be erected to block children entering detention basin area on KHOV’s development.  There would be two dumpster locations.  There was a suggestion for a third means of ingress/egress which would need to be looked at further. Two means of ingress/egress already exist. 


Mr. Golubieski asked what the fence requirement was for the zone.


Ms. Marcelli said that the developer would like to get off their bonds, so she asked about the landscaping.


Ms. Diane Stasi, 18 Old Cranbury Road, concerned with the curving on Old Cranbury Road.  She knew of a resident on the road have gone through many mailboxes already.  She did not feel that there was any other streets that dead end with a dumpster.  She would rather have it behind the pump station.  She was in favor of moving dumpster but not opening the road. 


Mr. Feranda agreed that an opening there would be dangerous.


Ms. Molluso, Hagerty Lane, agreed about dumpster.  Her neighbor already has no room between her house and pump station, if dumpster is place there she would open her door into the dumpster.  Running fence 1/3rd behind her.  They would also be unsightly in the rear.


Mr. Molluso, Hagerty Lane, visually showed the fencing on the plans displayed.  He also indicated that they did not have a berm, that it was not a high point.


Ms. Brady, 7 Hagerty Lane, asked about the construction of the fence.  Mr. Berkowsky explained that it was a board on board fence out of PVC.  Mr. Brady asked about lighting.


Mr. Berkowsky explained that there would be lighting all night.  Lighting would be shielded and would not necessarily high.


There were other suggestions given to the board from the KHOV residents. Ms. Marcelli explained some of the concerns.


There was no one in the audience that opposed to the fence when Mr. Harvey polled the audience.


Comments made by audience that there was too much impact on the site that the program was too aggressive.  There were questions regarding the protection of the existing tree line. 


Mr. Preiss felt that one driveway would be adequate and gave some other suggestions.


Mr. Speer was not in favor of fencing, Mr. Stannard was concerned about parking and  Mr. Stout had concern with driveways.




PB 081-04       California Closets/Dan Hill

                        Block 6, Lot 8

                        2666 Route 130

                        Driveway Re-Alignment


REPRESENTATIVES: Donald S. Driggers, Esquire

                                                Dan Nili, Applicant

                                                Kevin Brakel, Princeton Junction Engineering


Applicant was requesting an amendment to the site plan and move driveway to the north on South River Road and elimination of ingress/egress on Route 130 as requested by NJDOT.


Mr. Stonaker conferred jurisdiction for the board to hear the matter.


All professionals for application and township were sworn.


The applicant had no problems with the Township Professionals report.  They only wanted to sit down and discuss with Mr. Feranda and Ms. Marcelli and discuss the necessity of a traffic report and the no left turn.


EXHIBIT A-1               Color rendering of landscaping and lighting plan


There are five installers’ 6:30 to 3:00. There are nine employees in the office, 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The French Bakery has about five employees. There are generally four trucks weekly between 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 


Mr. Feranda had concern with outbound traffic being eliminating on Route 130 and all traffic would have only one access and the peak traffic on South River Road can stack in the queuing well past your driveway.  Those trying to leave the property and go northbound may have limited visibility making a left turn.  Mr. Driggers suggested a sign limiting the hours when a left turn could be made, ex. No left turn 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. or/and a Title 39 for local enforcement.


Mr. Preiss mentioned plastic backlight monument signs and agreed to use a different material.  Mr. Nili said that it would be aluminum and would provide that to the board.


There were no comments made from the public.


Mr. Golubieski motioned for the approval of the amended preliminary and final approval with variance for 60% impervious coverage imposed by NJDOT changes.


1.                   Traffic engineer’s reports with condition of restriction No left turn 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and request a Title 39 for local enforcement,

2.                   Engineer’s Report,

3.                   Police Review,

4.                   Outside agency approvals.


Mr. Stannard seconded the motion.




AYES:              Mr. Golubieski, Mr. Speer, Mr. Stannard, Ms. Weidner, Mr. Harvey

NAYS: None

ABSTAIN:       Mr. Stout

ABSENT:         Mr. Dreyling, Mr. Kehrt







for Cranbury Township

Prepared by: Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc., 4 Walter E. Foran Boulevard, Suite 209, Flemington, NJ, Dated March 30, 2006


Presentation was made in detail along with a slide presentation.





There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the meeting was thereupon adjourned.




                        I, Undersigned, do hereby certify;


                        That I am duly elected and acting secretary of the Cranbury Township Planning Board and, that the foregoing minutes of the Planning Board, held on April 6, 2006, consisting of 6 pages, constitute a true and correct copy of the minutes of the said meeting.





                                                                        Josette C. Kratz, Secretary