of the

Cranbury Township

Municipal Alliance Committee

On Drug Abuse and Alcoholism

Cranbury, New Jersey

Middlesex County


April 27, 2006



            The scheduled meeting of the Cranbury Township Municipal Alliance Committee was held on April 27, 2006, in the Library meeting room, 23 North Main Street, in Cranbury Township at 12:00 Noon.



            Chairperson Jane Holland called the session to order and acted as Chairperson thereof, and Kristen H. Hamilton acted as Secretary of the meeting.



            Pursuant to the Sunshine Law, adequate notice in accordance with the Open Public Meeting Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-6) was provided on January 4, 2006, of this meeting’s date, time and place and the agenda was posted on the Township bulletin board, mailed to those requesting personal notice, and filed with the Municipal Clerk.



            Jane Holland, Colleen Marsh, Karen Henderson, Fay Kobland, Debi Mara and Howard Zogott attended the meeting.



            Hailey Walsh and William Waltrip.



            Susan Paterson, Municipal Alliance Coordinator.



            The Minutes of the March 23, 2006, meeting were reviewed and approved on a motion by Debi Mara; seconded by Colleen Marsh.



            Jane Holland provided a packet of information to each member, which included a questionnaire that should be completed and returned by May 11, 2006.  Also included in the packet was the Cranbury Municipal Alliance Mission Statement, Middlesex County Alliance Mission Statement, Cranbury’s Risk and Protective Factors as listed by the County and the Municipal Alliance Coordinator’s Job Description. 


            Jane also provided a copy of the Cranbury Press article regarding myspace.com.  She would like to have roundtable discussions, similar to that outlined in the article, held between students, the Cranbury Press and the Municipal Alliance. 



            The Student Council voted to change the time of the MA meetings to 8:15am starting in September.  The vote of the Municipal Alliance Committee will be deferred until the May meeting. 



            Susan Paterson provided an outline of the proposed brochure, which is compiled of information from the State brochure and the Township website.  The Secretary will draft the brochure and send out for review.


            Susan advised that she attended a very informative Municipal Alliance training session.  After hearing information provided at the meeting, she can foresee a problem getting the information necessary to determine Cranbury’s risk/priority factors. 




            Drug Free Fair  It was proposed that the Municipal Alliance pay $100.00 toward the food for the Teen Tent. An e-mail will be sent to all Alliance members for vote. 

            Susan advised that she spoke with William Waltrip and Hailey Walsh regarding the Teen Tent.  The games owned by the PTO will be used if weather permits.  The Student Council has volunteers lined up to man the tent.  

            The Municipal Alliance will propose to the School Board that it co-sponsor the Drug Free Fair in the future.  The MA could provide the t-shirts, which would include the Municipal Alliance’s logo. 




Jane Holland has asked the Student Council to vote on whether it would like an event held in the summer.


Jane proposed that a summer event held for high schoolers be a barbeque with music held at Village Park. 





            Susan advised that she may have someone interested in facilitating the Gents chat groups.  She has spoken to Joann Charwin, who advised that the applicant must be interviewed by Carol Malouf and Christine Capaci.  Susan will visit the proposed applicant’s place of employment and get additional information to proceed.  It may be desirable to have the proposed facilitator prepare a document stating how he would choose the participants and how the group would be run. 

            Jane Holland spoke with Dr. Moore and Patty Barber regarding the chat groups.  The Alliance has decided to table the discussion until it has further information about the groups. 


            Howard Zogott advised that he can set up a reference section in the Library for Municipal Alliance information.


            In the future, Jane Holland wants all voting on personnel to be done by ballot.  


            Jane Holland will speak with Wayne Wittman, Township Committeeman, regarding the coordination of events and calendars with other Township Departments, i.e. Recreation, Arts Council, etc. 


            Susan Paterson spoke with Lisa Walsh of the Cranbury Arts Council regarding the film festival being held on April 30th.  The Arts Council would like the Municipal Alliance to donate popcorn and soda for the event and, in turn, it would include the Municipal Alliance in its program.  An e-mail will be sent to all Alliance members for vote. 



            There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the meeting was thereupon adjourned.



            I, undersigned, do hereby certify:

            That I am the duly appointed secretary of the Cranbury Township Municipal Alliance Committee on Drug Abuse and Alcoholism; and

            That the foregoing minutes of the Municipal Alliance Committee on Drug Abuse and Alcoholism, held on April 27, 2006, consisting of three (3) pages, constitute a true and accurate copy of the minutes of the said meeting.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name of said Committee this           day of              , 2006.





                                                                                                Kristen H. Hamilton Secretary