A special workshop meeting of the Cranbury Township Historic Preservation Commission was held in Town Hall, Cranbury, New Jersey, on February 19, 2008 beginning at 7:30 pm.



            Pursuant of the Sunshine Law, adequate notice in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-5) was provided of this meeting’s date, time, place and agenda was mailed to the news media, posted on the Township bulletin board, mailed to those requesting personal notice and filed with the Municipal Clerk.



            With a quorum present Chairperson, Bobbie Marlowe called the meeting to order.



            Diane Stasi, Alana Stops, Harry Williams and Bobbie Marlowe were present.  Record will reflect that Wayne Girardet contacted secretary stating that they would be unable to attend this meeting.  Allan Kehrt, appointed as Alternate 1 on February 11, 2008, was absent.



            The minutes of December 18, 2007 were review and approved with a motion by Ms. Marlow, second by Ms. Stasi, all in favor.

            The minutes of January 15, 2008 were reviewed, amended and approved with a motion by Ms. Stops, second by Ms. Marlowe, all in favor.

            The minutes of January 29, 2008 were reviewed, amended and approved with a motion by Ms. Stasi, second by Mr. Williams, all in favor.  Record will reflect that Ms. Stops recused herself.



            19 North Main Street, (B23,L65) In Historic District, Classified C+; Contractor Sal Golisano was present for discussion to reinstall a previous existing fence and gate with modifications.  Submitted with this application was a photo of the existing fence/gate, prior to the current construction.  Sal explained that the fence/gate will be duplicated and mounted on a metal frame attached to a cantilever, anchored to a post that will allow the unit to easily swing open and abut the house when vehicular traffic passes through.  Bobbie noticed that the drawing does not accurately reflect the photo.  She suggested the cross piece on the gate be added as pictured in the photo.  Comment for approval include that the proportions and dimensions will be the same as previous “gate”, crosspiece on “gate” will be added. 

After review and discussion of application, verbal role call to approve this application per the stated comment: 

AYES: Ms. Marlowe, Ms. Stops, and Mr. Williams.  Record reflects that Ms. Stasi recused herself.


112 North Main Street, (B26.01, L18) In Buffer Zone; Homeowner Claudette Guy was present to discuss proposed improvements to an existing free standing cinderblock garage on her property.  The improvements include removal of the deteriorated shingles and re-roof with Timberline 25 asphalt shingles that will match the house.  White gutters will be added to channel rain run-off.  A single entry door (north elevation) not seen from public view will be replaced.  Three windows (north, south, and east elevations) will be replaced.  The new garage windows will match the house windows.  Harry suggested that because of the simplicity of the garage, the windows should be simple 1/1 with no grills.

Two solid (no windows) single car raised panel garage doors of vinyl are proposed to replace the existing wooden paneled (row of four squared windows) garage doors.  Due to the placement of the garage in the public view, HPC expressed their concern of the proposed vinyl material for the garage doors.  Claudette stated she read in past HPC minutes on-line that a garage on Station Road recently had its garage doors replaced with vinyl doors.  HPC explained that in 2006 there was a change in the ordinance and that each application is evaluated individually taking into account the site and surrounding area as well as materials proposed.

HPC explained that due to the location and position of her garage, there is an impact due to the proximity of the Historic District.  Diane quoted from §93-5 D (3) and §93-7 E (3), which stipulate standards and criteria for each application. 

After discussion of materials and the public view, Claudette requested that due to budgetary concerns, that the two vinyl garage doors be removed from this application.  She will leave existing garage doors as is.

A verbal vote to approve this application minus the two vinyl garage doors was taken:

AYES: Ms. Marlowe, Ms. Stasi, Ms. Stops.

ABSTAIN: Mr. Williams.


            86 North Main Street (B29,L5) In Historic District, Classified C; Homeowner Michael Ferrante and architect Bill Gittings were present to submit updated renovation drawings.  Bill stated that one change is to amend the vinyl siding to a cement board shake for the existing house and new addition.  The existing brick veneer will remain.  HPC feels the shakes are a more appropriate element style for this bungalow home.

Another change is to replace all the windows in the existing house with like, including the three casement windows on the right (south) elevation.  They will match in style with some of the existing 4/1 double hung windows. HPC prefers that the windows be wooden.  Bill said that they will Anderson 400 series.  He understands that should there be a change in any of the approved exterior materials, he will inform HPC of this.

            Three set of construction plans were submitted at the meeting for the HPC approved stamp.  The Chair and Secretary dated and signed off on the three sets.

            Diane relayed that this application as presented does remain true to the cottage style and will enhance the district.

A verbal roll call to approve this application as present:

AYES: Ms. Marlowe, Ms. Stasi, Ms. Stops, and Mr. Williams. 


            11 Prospect Street (B23,L33) In Historic District, Classified H;  this application was received on February 19, 2008 for installation of a split three rail fence and mesh fence in the rear yard. 

            A verbal roll call to approve this application was taken:

            AYES:  Ms. Marlow, Ms. Stasi. Ms. Stops, and Mr. Williams.



            13 South Main Street (B35,L5) this home is within the Historic District and will be making application to have the existing rotting fence removed and replaced with new.  When application is received secretary will present it to the Chair for approval.

ZBA148-07, 127 Plainsboro Road Application from Zoning Department, out of district, so a no comment memo was generated and forward to this department.

Bobbie informed everyone that the History Center has changed its policy regarding the borrowing of their old photographs.  It is their hope to have them accessible via their website.  Bobbie suggested the Center team up with the HPC file photos which will present more photos to those who wish to research structures.

Secretary will communicate via email with Gail regarding the program format of the Design Guidelines for publication on the website.  Several of the seasonal photos should be changed for more appropriate photos, however some can remain.

There are two updates to the Design Guidelines that HPC feels should be addressed.  Page 9 Village Vernacular, it was thought that the metal roof home on South Main Street was to be inserted under Roofs on page 34.  Instead, the newer metal roof garden structure located on Westminster was inserted here. Diane suggested that a little green garden shed located on Westminster was to be photographed, not the newer larger garden structure.  Secretary will relay this issue to Gail.

Gail supplied grant information of the NJ Historical Commission for monies to print the Guidelines after approval.  HPC felt that this is a great idea.  Diane feels strongly that the DG should be in a quality printed format.  She said that the DG is a well balance and thought out with the photos. Alana and Bobbie said that the average homeowner may want to view the DG on line, when available.     




            There being no further business, a motion duly made by Bobbie Marlowe, seconded by Harry Williams and carried, the meeting was thereupon adjourned.




            I, undersigned, do hereby certify;


            That I am duly recording secretary of the Cranbury Township Historic Preservation Commission and,

            That the foregoing minutes of the Historic Preservation Commission, held on February 19, 2008 consisting of 3 pages, constitute a true and correct copy of the minutes of the said meeting.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto do subscribe, my name of said Historic Preservation Commission this March 18, 2008.






                                                                        Linda M. Scott, Recording Secretary