The regular meeting of the Cranbury Township Historic Preservation Advisory Commission was held at the Town Hall, Cranbury, New Jersey, on May 4, 2004 at 7:30 p.m.



With a quorum present, Bobbie Marlowe, Chairperson of HPAC, called the meeting to order and acted as the Chairman thereof, and, Linda M. Scott, Secretary for the Commission, performed as Secretary.



Pursuant of the Sunshine Law, adequate notice in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-5) was provided on January 6, 2004 of this meeting=s date, time, place and agenda was mailed to the news media, posted on the Township bulletin board, mailed to those requesting personal notice and filed with the Municipal Clerk.



Cynthia Hinson, Diane Stasi, Don Jo Swanagan and Bobbie Marlowe, Chairperson.



The minutes of the April 18, 2004 meeting were reviewed, amended and then approved.  A motion was made by Diane Stasi, second by Don Jo Swanagan, all in favor. 



            David Stout was present and presented the elevation drawings for HPAC to review.  He presented two elevation (A2) sheets for construction dept. and HPAC file.  The drawing reflects the discussed changes such as lowering the fascia, screened eye windows with a drop window on the inside, wood trim to match existing in appearance and size.  The building details are not included.  This application was reviewed and approved, all in favor.

            Mr. Michael Ferrante, 86 North Main St., Block 29, Lot 5, was present to discuss a proposed 5’ cedar square 2” picket, 50% spaced.  There is existing fence on the perimeter of the side yard.  The proposed fence would be installed on the east rear portion and north side of property behind the house .  Two gates will be installed which will match fence.

            Mr. & Mrs. Pelcher, 72 South Main St, Block 18.07, Lot 41, made application for a deck in the rear of this “History House” of Cranbury Greene.  The deck will not be seen from the street.  Application reviewed and approved, all in favor.

            Mr. M. Hassonjee was not present for 132 Plainsboro Road, Block 25, Lot 39. 

            George and Margaret Conley, homeowners of 33 Maplewood Ave. Block 31, Lot 1, were present to discuss the alterations to this C/C+ structure.  After a lengthy discussion of the proposed application, HPAC requested a cut sheet for the French door, clarification on the new single and casement windows, measure and submit front porch plan with roof pitch, size, and height of pillars/posts that will be used.  A hipped corner of the porch will be needed to allow for the installation of the proposed yankee gutters.  George will submit requested prior to the next meeting. 

            Application made for William Gerepka of 10 Danser Drive, Block 18.07, Lot 35.09.  This deck application was reviewed and approved, all in favor.

            Application made by David Deblois of 130 North Main St., Block 26.01, Lot 67.  He proposes to rebuild the existing front porch using the existing footing and footprint on this non historic house.  The bricks will match.  Application reviewed and approved, all in favor.

            Anna Drago, 1 Wesley Place, Block 30, Lot 6, made an application to have this garage re-stuccoed.  Application reviewed and approved, all in favor.




Bobbie will call the mayor regarding the time line for Chapter 93.  This is a difficult stage for the Guidelines.  It is in the Planning Board stage but currently not being discussed at their public meetings.  Bobbie will inquire about having this discussed. 

Diane stated that Betty Wagner asked her about a recently approved application and why the applicant was not encouraged to reapply deteriorated wood instead of vinyl siding.  Diane explained that this particular structure is in the buffer zone and could not be seen from the public street.  Betty favors the current 2400’ buffer zone and would not like to see this eliminated. 

Bobbie mentioned that a newly constructed home has a set of wide front steps accompanied with railings that are indented.  This looks very much out of place and this error should not be repeated on other applications.

Bobbie spoke with Richard Grubb regarding an upcoming vacancy on the committee.  It is fortunate that another enthusiastic individual who also meets the qualifications of the class requirements.  Cynthia plans to resign by the end of June 2004. 



There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the meeting was thereupon adjourned at 9:25 pm.  A motion by Bobbie Marlowe, second by DonJo Swanagan, all are in favor.



I, Undersigned, do hereby certify;

That I am duly elected and acting secretary of the Cranbury Township Historic Preservation Advisory Commission and,

That the foregoing minutes, of the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission, held on May 4, 2004, consisting of 2 pages, constitutes a true and correct copy of the minutes of the said meeting.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto do subscribe, my name of said Historic Preservation Advisory Commission this May 19, 2004.





Linda M. Scott, Secretary