The regular meeting of the Cranbury Township Historic Preservation Advisory Commission was held at the Town Hall, Cranbury, New Jersey, on March 15, 2005 at 7:30 p.m.



Pursuant of the Sunshine Law, adequate notice in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-5) was provided on January 4, 2005 of this meeting=s date, time, place and agenda was mailed to the news media, posted on the Township bulletin board, mailed to those requesting personal notice and filed with the Municipal Clerk.



With a quorum present, Vice-Chair, Diane Stasi called the meeting to order and acted as the Chair thereof, and, Linda M. Scott, Secretary for the Committee, performed as Secretary.



Kate McConnell, Harry Williams, and Diane Stasi were present.  DonJo Swanagan and Bobbie Marlowe called to inform that they would be unable to attend.



The minutes of the March 1, 2005 meeting were reviewed, amended, and approved.  A motion by Ms. McConnell to approve, seconded by Mr. Williams, all were in favor.



            Architect Bill Gittings, and homeowner, Emily Goodfellow were present to discuss conceptual (no application) plans for an existing structure at 8 Westminster, (B9.L31).  This structure is located in the historic district with a C- classification, fitting into the streetscape, and is currently a single-family dwelling.  Proposed is a carriage house with a guest suite on the upper floor, with a lean-to on the backside of the structure.  The drawn conceptual shows 2 sets of double cross buck carriage doors one set on each side of a center entrance door.  There is an overhang between the first and second floor, which extends the length of house and ends approximately 2 feet in from each end.  The intention is to keep the existing first floor height.  The proposed will retain its integrity, but be designed so it can easily convert back into a house.  Mass, scale, shape and fabric will be presented to HPAC after all other approvals have been obtained.  HPAC would like to see the original structure on Westminster Avenue in keeping with the streetscape, massing, proportion, scale, and harmonious character within the historic district.  Any designs will need to come back to the HPAC for review and approval at that time.HPAC will submit a comment to Bill stating discussion and review of the concept within the existing scale, height, and setback.  Overall HPAC would like to see the adaptive use of this structure scaled down if usage is a carriage house or maintain massing if usage is a house. 

            Susan Bria, family member of applicant, 39 North Main Street, (Hannah & Mason) (B23.L54).  Application is made for 100 bulbs (string/ Christmas lights) to illuminate the perimeter of the side and front windows of the enclosed porch.  The lights will be installed on hooks and will be removable, either indoors or outdoors.  Ms. Bria stated that an all weather electrical outlet will be installed to supply electricity.  After a brief discussion and questions, this application was approved with all in favor. 



Darryl Stevenson of 54 Old Trenton Road, was present to discuss his conceptual (no application) of a proposed barn.  He explained the location of his property, which is located just inside the buffer zone.  The existing house is a ranch with a paved driveway and recently had a pool and fencing (5’ high) installed in the rear of this property.  The existing house is approximately 80’ from roadway and the proposed barn will be 140’.  HPAC reviewed and commented on the barn garage door and the second floor window was not sympathetic to the barn style that he is trying to achieve.  HPAC suggested of implementing more barn like characteristics into this structure.  Proposed plans reflect house elements.  Darryl brought photos from existing barns within a half-mile radius.  HPAC reviewed and pointed out the elements that stand out on the photos.  He stated that the garage door would have cross bucks on the door and that the exterior siding will be vinyl clapboard.  The barn usage is for recreational and pool.  Darryl will incorporate and return with amended plans/conceptuals.

            Donna Ritter & Steven Halgas of 6 Bennett Place (B33. L13.02 & 13.03), and Architect Mr. Pisante were present to discuss the addition changes of this structure.  A two-story addition to the existing structure is proposed requiring additional expansion on the west side.  The current front porch will be enclosed.  The same roofing materials as existing will be used on garage and house.  Anderson vinyl clad windows, a steel replacement doors with windows on the top will be used in the front and rear, and vinyl siding will be used on the new and existing sections.  The fireplace will have footings to the ground.  This application was discussed, reviewed, and approved, with all in favor.  As discussed, the approval letter will be generated when sealed plans are received. 

            An in ground pool and fencing application is made for Chris & Katrina Neale, 17 Chamberlain Ct., (B18.07,L29).  Proposed is a 21’ x 40’ in ground pool and a 54” aluminum fence enclosure.  Plot plan, pool design, and fence picture is supplied.  Roll call with everyone in favor. 

            An emergency re-roofing application was received today for Sally Strong, 1 Ryan Rd., (B39,L5).  Secretary discussed this emergency with contractor, who stated that he is unable to begin work the roof until later in the week.  This was reviewed, and approved by all.



            The latter application brought discussion of emergency applications and that some Certificate of Appropriateness’s have been issued under the emergency clause, but the work has not been performed in a timely emergency.  This scenario has time for review from HPAC.

            Kate introduced material for a conference that will be held in Philadelphia at the end of April.  Topics covered will be paint colors, tax credits, replacement vs. original windows, sympathetic additions and other preservation related issues.  Diane will look over the information, she may be interested in attending.

            Financial Disclosure statements were distributed to the Committee and when completed, will be returned to the Clerk.

            Diane Stasi, witnessed by Secretary, signed Michele Donato’s Professional Service Agreement for HPAC services in 2005.  This will be forwarded to the Clerk.




There being no further business, on motion duly made by Diane Stasi, seconded by Kate McConnell, and carried, the meeting was thereupon adjourned at 9:45 pm.



I, Undersigned, do hereby certify;

That I am duly acting secretary of the Cranbury Township Historic Preservation Advisory Commission and,

That the foregoing minutes, of the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission, held on March 15, 2005, consisting of 3 pages, constitutes a true and correct copy of the minutes of the said meeting.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto do subscribe, my name of said Historic Preservation Advisory Commission this April 19, 2005.





Linda M. Scott, HPAC Secretary