The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Health was held in the Town Hall Recital Room on February 6, 2007 at 7:30pm



            With a quorum present, Chairwomen Coyle called the meeting to order and Dawn Maisano was Secretary of the meeting.



            Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-4): Notice of this meeting was sent to the Cranbury Press, The Trenton Times and Home News Tribune on December 1, 2006, posted on the Bulleting Board, filed with the Township Clerk and sent to those who requested a copy.



            Chairwomen Cheryl Coyle, Mr. John Jackson and Dr. Daniel Notterman.



            Ms. Lynn Forester, Health Officer; Mr. Kevin Van Hise, Esq.; Board Attorney;

Ms. Dawn Maisano, Board Secretary.



            The minutes of the January meeting were reviewed and approved with a motion by Dr. Notterman, second by Mr. Jackson, all in favor.



            The board members received the January 2007 report.  Ms. Forester reviewed the substance of the report for the Board. 

                     The Cranbury Inn received a Satisfactory rating.   

                     Dr. Notterman would like the Health Inspector to provide the code violation and reason for “Conditional Satisfactory” rating on all reports.




            The board members received the monthly reports for January 2007. 

Ms. Martens reviewed the substance of the reports for the Board.

                     The Board would like to review Block 16, Lot 8  plan review for flow capacity from proposed 8-Islamic Institute, South Main Street from the December meeting.



          OLD BUSINESS


            Mission Statement - The board is reviewing the web-site and Ms. Shapiro's

  mission statements.  Will finalize at March meeting.


            Needs Assessment - Dr. Coumbis hasn’t been able to reach Mr. Sasso.  Dr. Notterman will talk with Mr. Sasso and should have an update next meeting.


            Mr. Campbell is the Sr. Emergency Coordinator, Dr. Notterman will invite him to speak at one of our upcoming meetings.


            County Annual Report - Ms.Coyle suggested that we invite Micky Gross to present at a board meeting after the report is available.

            Board Annual Report - Dawn will check to see what other boards are doing.


NEW BUSINESS                  

            Grants - Ms. Coyle asked the board to be aware of any opportunities to apply for grants.  Dr Notterman noted that grants were available for programs in the area of childhood obesity. Ms Coyle said that she would liaison with the school nurse to ascertain if this would be an area of interest.    


            Drug Free Fair - The board is looking into having a table at the fair.


            Rabies -


                     Mr. Van Hise spoke about the rabid animal statues and what towns can and can not do.

                     Dr. Notterman spoke about educational service to the township -what should residents do about a dangerous situation with a rabid animal.

                     The board agreed to provide the township newsletters with rabid animal information.


            Budget -

                     Mr. Van Hise spoke with Ms. Pari Save, Township Committeewoman, and the township is in the process of working on the 2007 budget.  Funds may not be budgeted for code revisions for the Board of Health.




            Mr. Bill Bauder spoke about the rabies incident from November and the lack of communication and response in Cranbury.  The resident called 911, the dispatcher called animal control, no police responded to the scene and the A.C.O. had no equipment with him, so the resident had to put down the animal.

            The board will speak with Pari Stave about meeting with Chief Jay Hansen to see if the police dispatcher has a protocol for rabies.  The board feels a good protocol would be to send police, send A.C.O.,  tell the resident what to do, i.e. wash yourself and your animal.  The board feels that we may benefit from having someone from the state come and speak with us.


            Mr. Bauder said the A.C.O. should be trained and has the ability to tranquilize the animal, the veterinarian has to prescribe the tranquilizer though.  The state does have suggestions, but it is up to the municipality.  For people who have been exposed to rabies, the vaccine is very expensive, more that $15,000.  Some insurances do not cover it and only an emergency room, not their physician, can get the vaccine.


            He also stated that education is key and two weeks before the Cranbury incident, Plainsboro had a rabies incident and Cranbury didn’t know about it.  How is that possible?


            He then spoke about the Dog Barking Ordinance, and that this needs to be resolved before the summer.  He has been talking about this for the past 14 months.  “There are problems at the Four Seasons, Main Street and Dey Road.  If the township is going to hold this ordinance up, the public needs to know this.”  Mr. Bauder provided a sheet, to the board, of other townships ordinances. 


            Dr. Notterman made a motion, second by Mr. Jackson and all in favor; Ms. Coyle said that she would inform Ms Stave that the board would like to separate the Noise issue in the dog ordinance from the rest of the ordinance and concentrate on this issue given budget restraints.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.



            I, Dawn Maisano, the Undersigned, do hereby certify;


            That I am duly appointed Secretary of the Board of Health and, that the foregoing minutes of the Board of Health, held on February 6, 2007 consisting of 3 pages, constitute a true and correct copy of the minutes of the said meeting.


            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name of said Board of Health this day



                                                                                    Dawn Maisano, Secretary