The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Health was held in the Town Hall Recital Room on December 12, 2006 at 7:03pm



            With a quorum present, Chair Shapiro called the meeting to order and Dawn Maisano was Secretary of the meeting.



            Pursuant to the Sunshine Law adequate notice of this meeting’s date, time and place had been provided to the public pursuant in accordance with the Open Public Meeting Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-4) by e-mailing to media, posting on the Township bulletin board, web-site and filing with the municipal Clerk



            Bernice Shapiro, Board Chair; Cheryl Coyle, Board Vice-Chair; Dr. John Coumbis, Board Member; Pari Stave, Township Committeewoman; David Papi, Director/Health Officer, Middlesex County Public Health Department; Sherri Wolpert, Epidemiologist; Middlesex County Public Health Department; Sharon Martens, Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Middlesex County Public Health Department; Edmond Konin, Esq., Board Attorney; and Dawn Maisano, Board Secretary.



            The minutes of the October meeting were reviewed and approved with a motion by Cheryl Coyle, second by Dr. Coumbis, all in favor.


ORDINANCE BOH-12-06-08 Introduction:

            The committee reviewed this ordinance and Mr. Konin said that Princeton has successfully used this ordinance.  Ms. Stave asked how many incidents of menacing dogs have we had.  Ms. Shapiro said there have been a number of complaints from numerous owners.  Dr. Coumbis said we should revisit this ordinance in a year and check unresolved complaints and we should request periodic updates from the police department.  The board will set up a special meeting on the Dec. 27th to adopt this ordinance.  Ms. Stave suggests having a broader public view of this ordinance and would like to put it on the Township Committee Agenda for Dec. 18th meeting.



            The board members received the monthly reports for October and November 2006.  Sharon Martens reviewed the substance of the reports for the Board.






            The Flu vaccines went well,  with over 50 people getting the flu shot.


            The Rabies vaccines also went well, again, over 50 dogs and cats getting the rabies shot. 


There was a rabid groundhog incident in Cranbury in November.  Mr. Papi said there were almost 20 rabies incidents in Middlesex County this year.  The Cranbury dog was quarantined and will require booster shots. 


There was some talk about how to get information out to the public quickly.  Someone noted a phone chain can be used, local tv access is another way, but costly.  The County has a system set up for emergencies, where the county can call everyone in town.  It is a 30 second recording that the police and school can use for such reasons as emergencies, street closings, parades, etc.


            Medical Reserve Corps -Ms. Shapiro welcomed Mr. Papi and Ms. Wolpert and thanked them for coming to our meeting.  Mr. Papi said that he wanted the Cranbury M.R.C. done on a county level, not township level.  Some dynamics on the county vs. township are; it is under David and Sherri guidance and doing the job how they want it done.  If Cranbury were involved on a county level, we can put a force together to protect the residents of Cranbury and surrounding counties.


The State will not recognize local M.R.C. units - only county, example Bergen County may need to call on Cranbury for help in an emergency.  There are approx. 125 volunteers registered in the states data base so far.  David is looking for all types of medical people.  School nurses would be more readily available in an emergency not hospital nurses, hospital nurses will be working at the hospitals in an emergency.  In the case of a pandemic, lay people would be giving out shots, not doctors & nurses.  “there are far too many people to help, better to get medicine out and to save lives than who is giving the medicine”, David said.  Dr. Coumbis said that he knows one doctor and three nurses who are very interested in joining the Cranbury M.R.C. The more doctors and nurses we can find the better.


Bernice said she would like to discuss this in more depth with the rest of the committee next year.


            ConAgra Smell - Ms. Martens handed out minutes of the Township meeting with ConAgra.  In attendance: Tom Witt; David Stout; Joseph Oszczakiewcz, ConAgra Facilities Engineer; Bruce Bruns, President of International Hydronics Corp.  ConAgra has contracted with International Hydronics Corp. to analyze and perform bench models and pilot studies to determine the effectiveness of a proposed Bio Mass Filter System.  The new system will be installed by April 1, 2007.





NEW BUSINESS                  


            2007 Goal and Objectives - Dawn will e-mail the committee to have one or two things for 2007 to discuss at the January meeting.


January is Radon Action Month for Middlesex County.  Handouts and

information regarding radon will be at the township building and public library.  Also the web site will be updated with information.




            Mr. Bill Bauder stated that the dog ordinance doesn’t take care of his concerns.  He has 18 dogs on adjoining properties and 10 dogs have invisible fences, they are a menace to walkers and joggers.  The ordinance is “full of holes”, it’s unenforceable, he said.  Ms. Stave asked what do your neighbors say, he said they say “that’s what dogs do”.  He then stated that between Jan-Nov. this issue was not address at the B.O.H. meetings for various reasons.  Ms. Stave said this ordinance will be discussed in detail at the township committee meeting on the 18th and that it has to suit the whole the community.


Ms. Stave also noted that in 2007 she would like to see the township and committees saving on paper..



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.



            I, Dawn Maisano, the Undersigned, do hereby certify;


            That I am duly appointed Secretary of the Board of Health and, that the foregoing minutes of the Board of Health, held on December 12, 2006 consisting of 3 pages, constitute a true and correct copy of the minutes of the said meeting.


            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name of said Board of Health this day



                                                                                    Dawn Maisano, Secretary