Township of Cranbury, New Jersey

Township Committee Meeting Agenda

January 27, 2003




1.                  Pledge of Allegiance


2.                  Open Public Meetings Act Notice


3.                  Roll Call


4.                  Reports and Communications from Committee


--Committee Minutes – 13 January 2003

--Sub Committee Reports –


5.                  Agenda Additions/Changes


6.                  Consent Agenda    


Resolution # R 01-03-023 – Payment of Bills

Resolution # R 01-03-024 – A Resolution authorizing the reduction of a performance guarantee for the Applegate Sub-Division Block 21, Lot 1.

Resolution # R 01-03-025 – A resolution authorizing the release of a performance guarantee for the Cabot Distribution Center, Block 7, Lots 20 & 21. (Public)

Resolution # R 01-03-026 – A resolution authorizing the reduction of a performance guarantee for the Cabot Distribution Center, Block 7, Lots 20 & 21. (Private)

Resolution # R 01-03-027 – A resolution authorizing the release of a monument deposit for Readington Associates, 1250 South River Road.

Resolution # R 01-03-028 – A resolution appointing members to the local Emergency Management Council.

Resolution # R 01-03-029 – A resolution amending the contract between the Township of Cranbury and FOP Lodge # 68.

Resolution # R 01-03-030 – A resolution assigning a street address to 1 Hightstown-Cranbury Station Road (Block 9.01. Lot 5.02)

Resolution # R 01-03-031 – A resolution authorizing year 2002 budget transfers. 

Resolution # R 01-03-032 – A resolution assigning street address numbers to 7 – 9 Pleasant Hill Road. (Block 9.01, Lot 5.02)


7.                  Work Session

a.       Municipal Assessment Project (Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed)

The Township Committee will consider a proposal for the Municipal Assessment Project spearheaded by the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, a non-profit regional association overseeing the 265 square miles that make up the Millstone watershed.  The Municipal Assessment Project, which is fully funded by both the William Penn Foundation and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, proposes to assist municipalities in reviewing existing watershed management practices.  The proposal has been endorsed by both the Planning Board and the Environmental Commission.


b.       Barclay Property Farmland Preservation Application

As a result of ongoing litigation, the Township has been unable to obtain clear title to the Barclay farm, which in turn has held up the application process with the Farmland Preservation Program of Middlesex County.  The Committee will consider the opportunity and potential fiscal ramifications of withdrawing and resubmitting the application this year for the purpose of subdividing the stream corridor on the South parcel (consistent with the Master Plan with respect to passive recreation) and the option of placing a buildable lot on the North parcel (for the purpose of enhancing its viability).


8.                  Public Comment (For any items not on the agenda)


9.                  Mayor’s Notes

a.         Shade Tree Commission – Dave Zehbor (Mayor’s Appointment)

b.                  Housing and Community Development  (Committee Appointment)

c.                   Arts Review Committee – Michele Hart (Committee Appointment)


10.              Closed Session - Resolution # R 01-03-022 –


Personnel – Police Chief Retirement     

Contract Negotiations – Municipal Attorney Salary Discussions

Land Acquisition –

Legal - BP Products vs. ZBA Update


Closed Session Committee Minutes – 13 January 2003


11.              Approval of Closed Session Committee Minutes -


12.              Adjourn


***      Persons with disabilities requiring assistance, please contact Town Hall 24 hours in advance (609) 395-0900, ext. 231

TC January 2003