1.                  Pledge of Allegiance


2.                  Open Public Meetings Act Notice


3.                  Roll Call


4.                  Reports and Communications from Committee

--Sub Committee Reports -


5.                  Agenda Additions/Changes


6.                  Consent Agenda    


Resolution # R 11-03-223 – Payment of Bills

Resolution # R 11-03-224 -- Resolution authorizing refunds for various 2003 tax overpayments


7.                  Work Session


a.       Presentation of Farmland Easement Payment

      Freeholder Director David Crabiel will present a check to the Township            Committee for the Farmland Easement of the township owned Wright     Farm. (Presentation to take place upon arrival of Freeholder Crabiel)


b.      Status Report on Simonson and E. Barclay Farmland Parcels

      Township Committee will update the public on the current status of two             key farm parcels (approx 220 Acres) which were to have voluntarily gone      into the Middlesex County Farmland Preservation Program and may now          be subject to residential development.  The Committee must take action on        whether to acquire the E. Barclay farm.


c.       Township Appointments

      In years past, a letter was sent to each person on a board, commission or          committee informing them that their term was expiring and asking if they           were interested in serving again.  Traditionally, a number of residents     would indicate that they would no longer be able to serve a new term for           various reasons. Proposed letter will be discussed.


d.       Police Station Architectural Fees

      Changes to the original plans and layout of the Police Station have         resulted in increased fees for Mylan Associates as they redesign the       existing plan to accommodate increased land area available and deletion of       the basement.  


8.                  Public Comment (For any items not on the agenda)


9.                  Mayor’s Notes


10.              Adjourn


***      Persons with disabilities requiring assistance, please contact Town Hall 24 hours in advance (609) 395-0900, ext. 231

TC November 2003