Township of Cranbury, New Jersey

Township Committee Meeting Agenda

February 24, 2003




1.                  Pledge of Allegiance


2.                  Open Public Meetings Act Notice


3.                  Roll Call


4.                  Closed Session – Resolution # R 02-03-044 - MGD Contract Negotiations and     Barclay Property Litigation 


5.                  Reports and Communications from Committee


--Committee Minutes – 3 and 10 February 2003

--Sub Committee Reports -


6.                  Agenda Additions/Changes


7.                  Ordinances Second Reading


Ordinance 02-03-01 – An Ordinance of the Township of Cranbury authorizing the acquisition of property. (First Reading 10 February 2003)


8.                  Consent Agenda    


Resolution # R 02-03-043 – Payment of Bills 

Resolution # R 02-03-045 – A resolution establishing property addresses for Liedtke Drive. (Sharbell Development).

Resolution # R 02-03-046 – Resolution commending Sally J. Giovanos upon her retirement as Cranbury Township Treasurer.

Resolution # R 02-03-048 – Resolution authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to execute an interlocal agreement with Hightstown Borough for 911/Police dispatching services.

Resolution # R 02-03-049 – Resolution refunding 2003 overpayments for certain properties. (Block 18.07, Lot 14 and Block 21 and Lot 6.11)


9.                  Work Session


a.       Barclay Property Farmland Preservation Application

As a result of ongoing litigation, the Township has been unable to obtain clear title to the Barclay farm, which in turn has held up the application process with the Farmland Preservation Program of Middlesex County.  The Committee will consider the opportunity and potential fiscal ramifications of withdrawing and resubmitting the application (to Middlesex County) this year for the purpose of subdividing the stream corridor on the South parcel (consistent with the Master Plan with respect to passive recreation) and the option of placing a building lot on the North parcel (for the purpose of enhancing its viability).


b.      2003 Setting Township Committee Goals

Goals and objectives for the coming year will be presented.


10.              Public Comment (For any items not on the agenda)


11.              Mayor’s Notes

a.         Update on meeting with D&R Greenway


12.              Closed Session – Resolution # R 02-03-047


Closed Session Committee Minutes – 3 and 10 February 2003

Update by Cranbury Police Department           


13.              Approval of Closed Session Committee Minutes - 3 and 10 February 2003


14.              Adjourn


***      Persons with disabilities requiring assistance, please contact Town Hall 24 hours in advance (609) 395-0900, ext. 231

TC February 2003