1.                  Pledge of Allegiance


2.                  Open Public Meetings Act Notice


3.                  Roll Call


4.                  Reports and Communications from Committee


--Committee Minutes 7 July 2003

--Sub Committee Reports -


5.                  Agenda Additions/Changes


6.                  Ordinances First Reading


Ordinance 07-03-11—An Ordinance of the Township of Cranbury amending “An ordinance fixing the salaries and wages for the manner of payment thereof, and ratifying salaries and payments to the employees and officials previously paid” (Second Reading 4 August 2003).


7.                  Consent Agenda    


Resolution # R 07-03-151 – Payment of Bills

Resolution # R 07-03-153 – Resolution canceling various grant balances in the current fund. (Money transferred to surplus)

Resolution # R 07-03-154 –Resolution providing for the insertion of a special item of revenue in the Municipal Budget of the Township of Cranbury Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:4-87 (CHAPTER 159, P.L. 1948)

Resolution # R 07-03-155 – Resolution of the Township of Cranbury awarding a contract for Force Main Construction to CRJ Contracting, Inc., in the amount of $ 795,216.59.

Resolution # R 07-03-156 – Resolution authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to Execute an interlocal services agreement between Cranbury Township and South Brunswick for Mobile Data Computer Systems. (Police Dept.)

Resolution # R 07-03-158 – Resolution authorizing the grace period for the payment of third quarter 2003 tax payments only till August 15 2003.


8.                  Work Session


a.       Police Station Presentation

Kurt Schmitt, Mylan Architects, will present the revised Cranbury Police Station design to the Township Committee and public.  The building police station will be built in the vicinity of Cranbury Station Road and Liberty Way.


b.      Holland House Auction

An auction of the Holland House was held on 11 July at 9:00 A.M..  Two qualified bidders were present along with members of the public.  Joe Stasi was the high bidder at $75,000.00.


MOTION:      Move to approve the Resolution # R 07 – 03 – 157 – Accepting the Holland House Bid.


c.       Corrective Action Plan for 2002 Audit

The Township Committee was provided on 26 June copies of the 2002 Audit and a summary of the 2002 Audit report.  The summary of the 2002 Audit reports was published in the Cranbury press on 11 July 2003.  State law requires that the Township Committee formally acknowledge receipt of the audit and action plan in addition to approving the action plan.


MOTION:      Move to approve the Resolution # R 07 – 03 – 150 – Approving the Corrective Action Plan for 2002 Audit.


d.      Presbyterian Church HPAC Issue (Trishka Waterbury)

The Township Attorney will report on the status of the concerns raised by the buildings and grounds committee of the Presbyterian Church in a letter to the Township Committee during the 7 July 2003 meeting.


e.       Cohen Property Land Acquisition (Block 25, Lot 2)

The current owners of the property known as the Cohen Property on Dey Road have offered to sell the property to the Township of Cranbury.


f.        Temporary Control Panels at Four Seasons at Cranbury

Applied Water Management, Inc. a subcontractor to Khovananian, requests the Township Committee authorization to utilize a temporary control panel at the sewage pumping station at Four Season’s at Historic Cranbury.


9.                  Public Comment (For any items not on the agenda)


10.              Mayor’s Notes


11.              Closed Session – Resolution # R 07-03-152 – Closed Session Committee Minutes – 7 July 2003; Land Acquisition/Condemnation; Fischer Property. Advice of Counsel and matters falling within the Attorney-Client privilege regarding the status of Fischer and options for acquiring same; Contract:  Value engineering/Construction oversight; Personnel: Environmental Commission Nominee: Personnel: Sick time pay out for retired Police Officer; Land Acquisition/Contract: Wheatfield Road easement purchase counteroffer; Land Acquisition: Barclay Property Farmland Preservation Application Update.


12.              --- Approval of Closed session minutes of 7 July 2003,

--- Resolution # R 07-03-149 - A resolution regarding the acquisition of Block 19, Lots 11 and 12 (“Fischer Acres”)

---  Mayoral appointment to the Environment Commission.


13.              Adjourn


***      Persons with disabilities requiring assistance, please contact Town Hall 24 hours in advance (609) 395-0900, ext. 231

TC July 2003